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Ghost of Tsushima Multiplayer Component, Legends, Is Being Developed And Premiered As A Standalone Product

Launched in October 2020, three months after Ghost of Tsushima’s premiere, Legends enables members to associate with buddies to examine wonderful places motivated by Japanese people’s stories and religion.

Ghost of Tsushima Multiplayer Component, Legends, Is Being Developed And Premiered As A Standalone Product

The multiplayer present, which will be live available to members who own any variant of Ghost of Tsushima, will be premiered standalone on PlayStation Store.

Barring some cosmetics that can just be obtained within the single-player drive, it will be the equivalent experience for all Ghost of Tsushima landlords.

In a PlayStation article, Sucker Punch Productions superior artist Darren Bridges further developed unique content arriving at Legends.

Ghost of Tsushima: Rival Latest News

Rivals’ headline extension is a brand-new style premiering on September 3, involving innovative Trophies and makeups. It examines two crews, two struggling to beat waves of opponents.

“With every broken enemy, you will get Magatama that you can apply to hurt the opposite team,” Bridges described.

“For example, you can consume Magatama on Shades to prevent your competitors’ buying, Curses, Hwacha fire.

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“Once you have paid sufficient Magatama, you will unfasten Final Stand flows. Finish these before the opposite crew wins!”

The Gear Mastery method, developing Legends’ progress rules and prizes, will premiere beside Rivals.

“Members who have got 110-level gear will presently be capable of fixing it to a class and stimulating ‘Mastery Challenges,'” Bridges stated. “This will enable a part of gear’s Ki level to be updated to 120 and finally unfasten a second perk opening!

“As you initiate Mastery Challenges, you can further unfasten a unique Ability and different Techniques for every class.”

New characteristics will further be attached to Legends by an update on August 20, the day Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is premiered.

These involve a re-equitable Survival style highlighting reduced session length and unique weekly Survival Nightmare difficulty modifications, plus other cosmetics for members who’ve unfastened them in the single-player game.

“In addition to all of the above, we will be joining a unique piece of content every week from September 10 to October 1. 

That involves an extra Rivals plan, brand-new Survival maps motivated by Iki Island and Iyo’s area, and Trials of Iyo, a different, more complex complexity variant of last year’s Raid. 

It gives challenges in bit-sized pieces and presents a unique collection of online leaderboards,” Bridges stated.


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