Survival Evolved: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever thought of living in a world that is full of dinosaurs? Well, the survival game of Ark allows you to do that. The loincloth-clad dinosaurs can help you defend the base against intruders, attack adversaries, and also gather resources. But, you have to tame them by rendering them unconscious.

The only issue with the dinosaurs in Ark is that they can be a lot aggressive and make you their tasty snack in no time. Thus, we are here to help you level up fast, tame the dinos and get more quickly around the map. Remember that no section of the map is safe; thus, you must manage your thirst and hunger.

Steer clear of the water

As per the Best Ark Survival Evolved Hacks, even if you make it to the higher levels, the ocean will never be your friend. Any water body that is deep enough to keep a fish will still be a zone of danger for you. Piranhas will pounce on you after they get the slightest peek of yours, but you have to ensure that the feet do not get wet. You cannot even wade through the underwater shallows because the fishes can eat you up or chomp your armor to strips.

The deeper the ocean, the severe the dangers in Ark! Cnidaria will knock you out and send you to depths where you will never be able to reclaim your gear. And, do not even get us started on the mosasaurs and megalodons.

Devour berries

At the tenth level, you can unlock an engram that allows you to assemble plots for thriving plants. This step will be beneficial, especially if herbivorous tames accompany you. We suggest you use feeding troughs for them and do not let them go astray.

In the initial days of the game, eating plants is one of the safest survival chances. Having said that, foraging is also not an effective food collection method; you will have to survive on berries, which you will only get when you have extensively hunted.

Stay adjacent to the sea beach

While playing, it is but natural to set off and explore new territories after you have got your pants and some gear. But, we recommend ignoring that urge and staying on the beach. Sliding into the hills or the thickets is not safe at all. The beach is an excellent starting spot, mainly because you will get a lot of herbivorous dinosaurs that will help you progress. These dinosaurs will help you attain game resources until you get your waterskin, soak toes in the sea. Grind and stay near the spawning point until you have leveled up.

If it glimmers, run fast!

You have to understand one thing in Ark, and that is, T-Rexes and utahraptors are never lining up to befriend you. But, if you notice a predator exuding an orange aura, leave everything you may be doing and run for your life. Remember that the untameable ‘alpha” creatures only have one mode to work, and that is killing.

Make a shack

Although several predators can attack you through wood or thatch, making a tiny little shack to spend nights can be the safest bet. Once you have hunted non-aggressive creatures like coelacanths, lystrosauruses, and dodos, do your cooking during the nighttime. That is because night offers low visibility. Making the first shack is just an introduction at the beginning of a base; later, it will help store your gear.

Cool it with punching

Before you lay your hands to obtain “engrams” for making any gear, you must use your hands. If you notice an uncanny implant in your forearm during this time, do not fret! There is a more significant revelation waiting for you. But, for now, work with those hands and start collecting rocks, pick berries from the grass and punch trees until you reach the second level.

Go easy on punching the trees, though, because though it may help you acquire resources, going without a pause or rest can cause your death. And, you will never want to perish without upgrading the character stats.

Do not get too affectionate with your pets

You may start to feel dominant the minute you tame a carnivorous dinosaur. But, the fundamental truth is that the dinosaur will perish, whether it is the player’s error or a pack of raptors. You can heal the pets but remember it requires excessive work to make them stay alive.


You cannot complete the game of Ark in a few sittings. It may take hundreds of hours to bounce back from dinosaur attacks or raids. Thus, the best thing to do is pick a safe spot and level up slowly. We hope you liked our tips, and if there is anything, you would like to add, please comment down below.

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