Additional Devices for Night Airsoft Games

Airsoft is becoming more and more popular as a game, but now it has become popular not only with the military to improve their skills and gain experience but also with civilians who like to learn to build tactics and test their bodies for endurance, as well as those who like extreme sports and danger. . Stariball games help develop dexterity, intelligence, speed of decision-making and maneuverability. They allow you to train your body and mind, while simulating situations that can occur in ordinary life.

Even the game itself was invented in Japan, after Japan was banned from having its own armed forces. The essence of the game was to train people in case of war, but at the same time not to harm anyone, because the weapons and ammunition are not real. This is a complete copy, however, it is made of plastic or metal, and the bullets are only made of plastic. However, such games are quite serious and require preparation, so you should not underestimate possible damage or injury. You need to be careful and follow the developed rules.

About 100 years have passed since the beginning of airsoft and a lot has changed. New scenarios are constantly being added, game tactics are changing, and equipment is being improved. For example, night games of stryball are becoming more and more popular these days. How are they different and what is needed for this?

Night airsoft games.

The night game of airsoft is a slightly improved version of the usual one, because thanks to the night games, your sensitivity to sounds and changes in the environment is significantly improved, and mental activity is much faster. Night games are very popular among already professionals, so having the right equipment becomes a big advantage for countering the enemy or quickly achieving goals.

However, despite the sufficiently complex scenarios and objectives, you have to work in complete darkness or in bad weather conditions, which makes the task much more difficult. Therefore, for such purposes, manufacturers of airsoft equipment have also found a way out.

Thermal or NV device? What to choose?

For several years now, special night vision devices or airsoft thermal imagers have been available that are very similar in design and function to those used by security services or the military. They help to see what is happening at the moment in absolute darkness, while remaining invisible, which gives a significant advantage over the enemy.

Night vision devices and thermal imagers help to find a target, follow it and perform tasks in poor lighting, but the principles of their operation are completely different.

Night vision devices work with ultraviolet light that comes from the sensor, reflects off objects and returns to the lens, scaling it several times for image clarity. In this way, you can follow the enemy and his actions, or plan to capture some target, pretending that there is no one around.

Night vision devices have some nuances that can bother you, so it’s better to study it in more detail. After all, there are many ways to hide from observation, for example, simply hiding behind another object, then nothing will be visible in the image.

For such cases, a thermal imager will help you, they help you see in the dark not images like NV, but recognize objects by their temperature, the warmer the object, the more the image will vary from saturated red to yellow, and vice versa, if the object has a low temperature, the color of the image will vary from blue to purple. Such devices are used in order to monitor the enemy’s actions and use them to one’s advantage.

After all, it is much more difficult to hide from the eye of a thermal imager. However, it also has some disadvantages. Due to the fact that the thermal imager shows only thermal sensors, it is very difficult to distinguish an enemy from a friend, because objects or objects look slightly modified. Therefore, it is better to use a night vision device and a thermal imager, depending on the tasks.

You can also choose different night vision devices or thermal imagers according to your wishes, goals and capabilities. For example, Scopes will be useful if your task is to find a target and eliminate it, plus the fact that scopes are small enough to be easy to use. If we are talking about tracking, then a monocular is better, they are larger in size and will be able to broadcast the image in more detail.

And also, their big plus is that thanks to one monocular, the other eye can rest and you don’t get so tired. But, if you need a wider picture and deeper immersion in the situation, then binoculars with night vision function are the best. It allows you to feel full presence in the image, which often becomes the key to accomplishing the tasks.

Airsoft is a very interesting and educational, but extreme game that requires concentration and physical training, so such games should not be taken as just entertainment, because sometimes they can be dangerous. Such games help to gain a lot of experience and develop dexterity, accuracy, logic and maneuverability, which may be needed at any time, even in various life situations. Scenarios are developed in such a way that players work to the limit of their capabilities, but the desire to win prevails over them. Therefore, all their attention and thoughts are focused on achieving goals.

It is also worth remembering about safety measures and adhering to them, because although this is a very successful reconstruction of military operations, it is of an exclusively educational nature. But night airsoft games are even more difficult, they teach you to be ready for changes, make quick decisions and have all the equipment at hand, because sometimes it is your equipment and ability to use various devices that can help you win or protect your life. That is why this game is so popular, because the skills you acquire may be needed in life.

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