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Ao Ashi Season 2 Potential release date and Prediction: All You Need To Know!

When the first episode of Ao Ashi aired in April, no one expected it to become one of the most popular sports animes in recent years. With the end of the series two-season run, there will be a huge demand for an Ao Ashi season 2.

What are the chances of an Ao Ashi sequel, and when can fans expect it to air?

Will There Be a Season 2 of Ao Ashi?

There has been no official confirmation of Ao Ashi’s second season. However, based on positive reviews, the series is likely to return in some form in the future.

Since its broadcast, the Ao Ashi manga has seen a significant increase in sales in Japan, with over 5 million additional copies sold. The series has also received high marks internationally, despite not achieving the popularity of some larger titles.

ao ashi season 2 Premiere date

The first season of Ao Ashi is coming to an end, but there is growing interest in the second season. We won’t know if Ao Ashi will return for a second season until the show is officially renewed. The second season of the anime series Ao Ashi may be released in 2023.

ao ashi Season 2 Plot

We don’t know where the second season of Ao Ashi will take us because we don’t know how many chapters of the manga the season will adapt. Specifically, due to a general lack of information, we have no idea how far the second season might go, if it even happens. The following is a synopsis of the show’s plot.

Ao Ashi tells the story of Ashito Aoi, a third-year student at Ehime City Middle School, and his encounter with football coach Tatsuya Fukuda. Although Ashito is a talented young man, he is a difficult young man, but Fukuda believes in him and invites him to join his team. This youngster has the potential to change the face of Japanese football.

ao ashi Season 2 Cast

Season 2’s cast has yet to be announced. Based on previous seasons’ casts, many of the series’ recurring characters are likely to appear in Ao Ashi’s first season. These characters appeared as recurring characters in previous seasons and were added to the season 2 cast.

This show features some of the industry’s most talented and well-known actors, including

Character Name Voiced by
Ashito Aoi Koki Ohsuzu
Eisaku Ohtomo Tatsumaru Tachibana
Soichiro Tachibana Seiichiro Yamashita
Keiji Togashi Taku Yashiro
Kanpei Kuroda Shun Horie
Jun Mathis Asari Wataru Kato
Yuma Motoki Junya Enoki
Ryuichi Takeshima Kentaro Kumagai

ao ashi Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmed return, so there will be no new trailer. As far as we know, filming hasn’t even begun, and it appears that it will take some time.

But keep an eye on this space because we promise to keep you updated as soon as we learn anything. The first season trailer is available on our website.

Where To Watch ao ashi Season 2

The first season of the anime is available on Netflix and Crunchyroll, and we anticipate that Ao Ashi Season 2 will be available on those platforms as well.


Is Ao Ashi finished?

Ao Ashi Episode 24 breaths of air on September 24, 2022. Two Ao Ashi Blu-Ray/DVD volumes will be released on September 28 and December 21, 2022. This article includes all Ao Ashi Season 2 news.

Who is Ao Ashi’s father?

Tatsuya Fukuda

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