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Amber Heard Before and After Plastic Surgery | Who confirmed it, How many surgeries and Many more

Amber Heard possesses the most flawless mug in the entire planet. Dr. Julian De Silva, a plastic surgeon in London, came to this conclusion after using computer mapping technology to examine the 35-year-features. old’s

A mathematical formula devised by the Greeks in an attempt to assess beauty was known as the golden ratio.” To put it another way, “the more beautiful something is, the closer it is to the number 1.62.”

According to his measurements of Amber and other celebs, he discovered that Amber had the most in common with the ancient Greek principles of physical beauty. Research shows that Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard is the most attractive celebrity woman, with a Greek golden ratio beauty score of 91.8 percent.

When it comes to achieving “ideal” facial proportions, a plastic surgeon is the best person to consult. Dr. De Silva’s algorithm gave Kim Kardashian a perfect score of 91.39 percent, despite the fact that she is everything from natural.

That’s good to know. Examine how she’s evolved (and stayed the same) in terms of her appearance over time.

In advance of the 2007 Awards Season Diamond Fashion ShowIn advance of the 2007 Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show

Two years later, she practically replicated the identical position, and her appearance had barely changed. Here, her hair is a deeper blonde and done with the era’s trademark piecey waves. Again, her mouth is the most prominent feature. In addition to having a thinner upper lip, she appears to have an overbite, which causes her front teeth to protrude beyond her lower lip.

At the age of 22, she adopted the old Hollywood appearance, which was popular in the middle of the 2000s. She had ringlets in her hair in addition to her dramatic red lips and smoky eyes. Scarlett Johansson wore similar outfit in the past. Her teeth are brighter and look to be pushed back, indicating that she has already undergone her first dental surgery.

Amber Heard Before and After Plastic SurgeryAmber Heard Before and After Plastic Surgery 1

Amber’s high score on Dr. De Silva’s algorithm led me to believe that she had made an effort to attain her current appearance. However, I had no clue it was so big!

I expected to find examples of rhinoplasty in this post, considering it is the most popular procedure performed on celebrities. I assume she had modest changes made to the tip and space between her nostrils to make her nose appear more button-like. Observe the distinction between her appearance in this stance in 2009 and her appearance in this pose in 2018.

Regardless of the number of procedures Amber has undergone, the results are clear. Despite the fact that cosmetic dentistry is frequently disregarded when it comes to plastic surgery, these results demonstrate how effective it can be!

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Can anyone verify whether Amber has had plastic surgery?

Plastic surgeon and prominent TikTok content developer who is recognised for revealing all celebrity plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Anthony Youn has 7.7 million TikTok followers and is a well-known figure. Dr. Yuon has created a video of Amber and Johnny revealing whether or not they’ve had cosmetic surgery before.

Amber Heard, what kind of plastic surgery?

Chin Implants

The Aquaman actress, like many A-listers, may have had cosmetic dentistry, which may have changed the appearance of her profile, though Dr. Youn says this could be the result of fillers.

“Her chin appears to have been altered as well, therefore she may have a chin implant,” he adds.

Lip Fillers

Dr. Youn advises that Amber may have used hyaluronic acid fillers in her lips to enhance their contour and plumpness after comparing images.

“In 2005, her upper lip was thinner than it is now. Because the lip does not grow in this manner, she has most likely had lip filler injections “He stated.


“Her nose appears to have been thinned, so I suspect she has undergone a rhinoplasty,” Dr Youn explains.

Cheek Implants

Dr. Youn continued: “Her cheeks appear unusual as well, as they are formed differently. Some specialists suggest she had cheek implants, which I believe is probable.”

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