I'm Getting Ripped Tonight

I’m Getting Ripped Tonight: Story Behind Viral Meme


To crudely paraphrase Karl Marx, every meme repeats itself as lusty bravado, then as pop-cultural allusions. Nowhere is this more accurate than the “I’m being ripped tonight” TikTok recording.

What began as a method for individuals to say “RIP that pussy” has turned into a chance for any meme aficionado to weave in their favorite quotation. Professor McGonagall impression? 

Sure. Peep Show quote? Sure. It’s all there. But of course, like any TikTok music, it requires a little more explanation.

“I’m getting ripped tonight” TikTok audio.

Those unfamiliar with the meme consist of someone saying, “I’m becoming ripped tonight” while tensing their biceps. They then cross their arms and draw them down and behind their hips, adding, “RIP that.”.

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The original meme included the phrase “RIP that pussycat, ayyy.” It’s based on a song named Dick by Starboi3 and Doja Cat. If it’s TikTok, it’s Doja Cat. The lyrics are very predictable, with a start repeating “dick” repeatedly. 

Rather than beginning with a stanza about President Nixon, the song focuses on someone “getting ham on my dick.” It is one to enjoy with the family on Christmas morning. The sentence that everyone quotes come from Starboi3’s post-chorus.

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Now, it’s being used as a platform for individuals to deliver their favorite lines, strangely jiggling their waists while doing an imitation.

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