A White Officer Is Charged In Shooting A Black Man To Death! What Are California Lawmakers Doing?


In America, a white super real killing an inferior black case is quite common. Starting from George Floyd a few months back to Emmett Till a few decades ago, racism can never cease to exist.

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It has become a part of America’s diplomacy. However, this is an April incident. Recently a white officer could be seen killing a black man. He has been charged with a manslaughter case. This happened in a Walmart store in California.

However, according to the country prosecutor, police can use deadly force against humans. Condition apply when it is needed to defend human life.

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San Leandro police officer Jason fletcher, 49 has shot a 33-year-old steven, Taylor, to death. He has been charged with voluntary manslaughter.

Police Misconduct

Police misconduct has become too familiar now. However, California judiciary has taken some significant steps. They have enacted some strict policy deadly force measures in the country recently.

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Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley said, Taylor never was a threat to police.

Moreover, on Thursday, Fletcher was on leave the entire time after this incident happened. This is according to San Leandro Police Chief Jeff Tudor.

While shooting tailor, Fletcher didn’t even wait for his cover officer to give any instructions. He went to Taylor and grabbed the bat.

The gun was pointed towards Steven Taylor.
When he tried to pull the bat away, Fletcher shot him from a 17 feet distance.