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A Cold-Blooded Murder By Rochester police! Why Did They Kill Him? Because He Was Black?

All over the United States of America, a black man being shot to death has become daily news every time. Recently in California and New York, a black man is founded in Rochester, New York. However, this is a march incident.

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A new video has been released in which a gang of police officers covered a man’s head until he stopped breathing.

The black man has been assumed as having some mental health problems. Daniel Prude was only 41 years old. According to the Dead man’s brothers’ statement, he called the police department for help on the 23rd of March.

Pained To Death!

According to a video by the family attorneys, the officers handcuffed Prude in a naked state. The even covered his head and knelt on him. The man was alone in the snowy, wet street. The brutal officers did not even let him spit and forced him on his stomach. He was in great pain.

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When EMTs arrived a few minutes later, they performed chest compressions and took him into the ambulance. His brain was already dead since then. A week later, he died.

His brother called his death as cold-blooded murder, in a Press conference. This incident happened two months before George Floyd’s death. However, his condition was the same.

Moreover, this case clearly shows how the law savers are treating a mental health patient of the country.

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