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Dijon Kizzee Was Shot 20 Times By Two LA Deputies Officers - The Tech Education
Dijon Kizzee
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Another Black Man DEAD? Dijon Kizzee Was Shot 20 Times By Two LA Deputies Officers

The lawyers said that the two officers shot Dijon Kizzee when he was running away from him. Dijon was 29 years old man and Black in appearance. The Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department said that Dijon was shot because he didn’t obey the rules. The police officers said Dijon to stop, but instead, he tried to run away from them, reported by Dijon’s family.

The lawyer Benjamin Crump said on a news Conference that “Dijon’s death is tragic and he didn’t deserve it, how can an officer kill a man in cold blood when he tried to run away”. He then goes by saying, that officers could have taken other steps, for instance, follow or could have tased him.

The Reports And Investigation Of Dijon Kizzee

The investigation of this case is currently going on. The report says that there aren’t any information which could help in the case yet. Dijon was shot 20 times from the back when he tried to run away from the officers. The medical examiner has not revealed much information finally. Dijon’s death was a homicide.

The reports can reveal soon, but it will take some time to analyze the case comprehensively. Dijon has now come in the list with George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Ahmoud Arbery’s death streak.

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Crump Comments On Dijon Kizzee

Crump Said on the News conference that “The Legal killing of coloured citizens has to stop now”. He then goes by saying that African Americans are suffering from systematic racism for almost 400 years now.

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Crump said “The current situation is almost similar to a reality show, but no one wants to watch it. He continued by saying that it was already enough for them when they heard how George Floyd was tortured to death by the police officers.

Alex Villanueva from Los Angeles Country Sheriff said that his colleague didn’t have any other choice, so they were forced to use lethal action. He then goes by saying that the entire situation becomes critical for any officer when he sees that the suspect is armed.

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Sheriff’s Department Statement On Dijon Kizzee’s Death

The Sheriff’s Department reported that two officers tried to stop Dijon, who was violating traffic rules by riding his bicycle. The incident took place during the after at 3:15 this Monday. They said that Dijon got off from his Bike and ran away.

The Department then said that they caught Dijon after a few blocks, but he punched back at one officer in the face. The Officers saw a pistol in his dropped items, and that’s when the officers killed Dijon by shooting him 20 times. The District lawyer is working with the General inspector to get in-depth information from the investigation.

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