Ayesha Curry Before And After: Ayesha Curry Has Been Honest About The Fact That She’s Had Plastic Surgery.

Ayesha Curry has a lot of jobs. She is an actress, a famous cook, and the author of a cookbook. She is married to NBA star Stephen Curry and is a mother of three. Oh, and she looks great while she’s doing all of this, too.

Fans and people who follow her on social media have probably asked over the years, “Has Ayesha had plastic surgery?”

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Ayesha Posted A Picture Of Herself In A Swimsuit.

On May 23, Ayesha put a hot picture of herself in a bathing suit on Instagram. “Took me long enough,” her post said. But even though most of her fans are happy to see that she is getting fit, some wonder if she has had plastic surgery.

Here’s another picture that shows more detail. Even though Ayesha’s face looks a little bit like it was airbrushed, her stretch marks are still there, which is awesome.

Ayesha posted bathing suit photo
Ayesha posted bathing suit photo

Did Ayesha Curry Get Plastic Surgery?

Ayesha has only ever said that she had plastic surgery once, and that was when she got breast implants in 2015. In May 2019, Ayesha said that she got a “lift” after giving birth to her second child, Ryan, because she was depressed after giving birth.

“I didn’t know it at the time, but I had a bit of postpartum that lasted for a while after I had Ryan. It showed up as me being sad about how I looked. So I made a quick choice, “she told the magazine Working Mother.

She went on, “I only wanted to have them lifted, but I ended up with bigger breasts than I wanted. I got the worst boob job in the history of the world. Things are worse than they used to be. I would never do something like that again, but if it makes you happy, who cares what other people think?”

We don’t know for sure, and it doesn’t matter to us either way, but Ayesha probably looks great on her own. Here are a few more pictures of Ayesha while she was in quarantine. They show that she still looked great.

Ayesha has also been very open about how she lost weight after giving birth to her third child, Canon.

“I’m not in the entertainment business the way most people think of it. I’m not skinny; on a good day, I weigh 170 pounds. It’s been a long road for me, which is why I want my girls to know and love who they are.”

Some People Are Calling Ayesha’s Comments About Wearing Bathing Suits In Public “Hypocritical.”

Some people wonder if Ayesha had plastic surgery, while others are annoyed that she seems to be a “hypocrite” because she went back on a tweet she sent in 2015 that said, “Everyone likes to wear almost nothing these days, huh? Not my style. I like to hide the good things for the person who matters.”

Even though it’s not okay to tell other women what they can and can’t wear, Ayesha may have changed her mind about what women “should” wear. We all get older and wiser, and we all learn from our mistakes. So let’s not be so hard on Ayesha, shall we? She looks and sounds sure of herself and great, and the praise she’s getting is well-deserved.

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