Top Gun: Maverick
Top Gun: Maverick

Zoom introduces new backgrounds featuring “Top Gun: Maverick”

Zoom is an amazing platform for video conferencing. Zoom allows people to virtually interact with employers or staff when the meetings are not possible. With the help of Zoom, telecommunication felt very easier and safer. With the lockdown situation due to coronavirus, COVID-19 has shaken the entire world. For instance, Zoom has become a required tool for all the teams, companies, and institutions. The software helps in keeping touch with other people and also provides hassle-free workflows with minimal disruption. Zoom also has a feature called Zoom Backgrounds.

It is a cloud-based video conferencing software. Where users can use it to virtually meet with others. Zoom features communication through video or audio-only. Zoom also provides recording features while conducting live chats. It lets you manage those sessions to view later. Many companies have been maintaining Zoom in 2019.

Zoom has two features: Zoom Meeting and Zoom Room. Zoom Meeting is a video conferencing meeting that’s hosted using Zoom. One can join or participate in these meetings via a webcam or phone. Meanwhile, a Zoom Room is the physical hardware setup which helps companies to organize schedules and launch Zoom Meetings from their conference rooms. Zoom Rooms require an additional subscription and they are usually accessed by larger companies.

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Zoom’s new “Top Gun: Maverick” backgrounds:

The virtual background feature helps users to change an image or video and display it as your background during a Zoom Meeting. To enable this feature, the user needs a green screen and uniform lighting to process the image. The software analyzes and detects the difference between you and your background. Users can upload their images or videos as a virtual background. There are no size restrictions and users can add any virtual backgrounds.

Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures are going to release their movie on June 24th. Due to the lockdowns and with the Coronavirus pandemic situation, all promotions are on the hold and the team behind the film is finding new ways to keep Maverick on our minds. So, the Team of the Top Gun: Maverick made their way to add images as custom backgrounds in Zoom. Many schools and organizations are using Zoom new features, so the team has done the right thing to add the movie backgrounds to zoom.

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