Woman Suffocates To Death In Miami As She Gets Locked Inside Her Husband’s Police SUV. Click For Details…

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In a horrific incident in Miami, a woman suffocated to death after being trapped inside her husband’s police car.

Woman Suffocates To Death In Miami

A woman identified as Clara Paulino lost her life in a horrific tragedy. As she got trapped inside her husband’s police SUV. The deceased is the wife  of  Veteran US Police Officer.

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Actually the incident took place in the premise of their Miami home. As Clara had entered her husband’s police SUV to fetch something from the backseat. And that is when she got trapped inside. The police vehicles are built in such a way so that the car lock can only be opened from outside.

So that criminals don’t escape. And it became the reason of Clara’s death. Moreover the heat was unbearable as the temperature raised upto 32 degree Celsius  in Miami. Thus making it more difficult for her inside the car.

She couldn’t reach to the car horn because of the partition between the front and back seats.

Is There Any Foul Play?

Well as per the investigations there is no any foul play suspected as for now. As told by the family, her body was found at around 5 pm. Her fingerprints were found inside the car showing how much she struggled to get out of the car.

Source: NBCMiami

And as her husband Officer Aristides Paulino was fast asleep indoors he couldn’t sense anything. As per the investigating officer Matthew Reyes this is an accidental death but it is for sure a horrific tragedy for the family.

But further investigations by the Miami police is going on. As per her medical reports she has had past ailments which might have become the contributing factor to her death.

Her family is grief stricken by this tragedy. And her son has stated that Clara has been a very loving and a caring mother. Thus her tragic demise has shattered everyone.

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