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Portland: Man Who Lost His Life After Being Shot Near Pro-Trump Rally Identified As A Supporter Of ‘Patriot Prayer.’

A huge protest took place between the Trump supporters and the anti racial protesters in Portland. And that lead to the fatal shooting of a man.

Portland Protests Victim Identified As ‘Patriot Prayer’ Supporter

As violence erupted in downtown Portland, the police opened fire which led to the death of a man. Actually the clash was between the Trump supporters and the ‘Black Live Matter’ protesters.

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The Pro-Trump rally was going on in Oregon, Portland and that is when the Black Lives Matter protesters clashed with them. Thus leading to an unrest. The man who lost his life in the firing has been identified as Jay who is a ‘Patriot Prayer’ supporter. And his identity was revealed through social media posts.

Patriot Prayer is basically a right wing organisation. And has been staging protests in Portland.

But some others claim that his name is Aaron Danielson and he is a resident of Portland itself. Another victim of last months protest Andrew Duncomb said that he knew this victim. And confirmed that he indeed was a ‘friend and supporter’ of the Patriot Prayer organization.

The Protests

On 29th August, a pro-Trump rally was organised. And it had more than 1000 vehicles with Posters supporting Trump. But the Caravan was attacked by anti-racist protesters.

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Actually the rally was organised in Portland where hundreds of Trump supporters participated. But they were eventually attacked which led to clashes as people began to shoot paintball guns, pelted stones . Thus leading to more and more violence.  And that is when the the deceased Jay lost his life.

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The police has confirmed that Jay died due to the gunshot in his chest. But it is not clear about how he was shot. Although there are certain videos of the protests but none of the videos has the exact clip of the victim being shot.

Therefore the investigations are going on in order to identify the gunman.

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