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McEnany Told de Blasio To ‘Wake Up’ And ‘Stop Painting Murals’? Why CEOs Call Mayor Over Crime? - The Tech Education
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Why McEnany Told de Blasio To ‘Wake Up’ And ‘Stop Painting Murals’? Why CEOs Call Mayor Over Crime?

Kayleigh McEnany,  admired Mayor Bill de Blasio. However, She is the White House press secretary. The reason behind this  a letter which was sent by 160 CEOs to crack down on crime.

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Moreovr, the CEOs want Mayor Bill de Blasio to take the initiative. Furthermore, He should “stop painting murals and start protecting New Yorkers.”

McEnany told on Fox Business that, this call had been taken on perfect time. However, It’s been a long time New York has not experienced a peaceful weekend.

Moreover, before Labor Day, this place has experienced nearly more than 1,000 shootings.

What Can Be Done?

According to the secretary, De Blasio should get up and secure his City. He should protect his countryman and stop his act of painting murals.

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All over the city, several business executives asked the mayor to take the necessary steps and actions. The actions should be taken regarding public safety, economic recovery and other life issues.

A significant percentage of New Yorkers are still unemployed and are homeless. Anxiety has spread everywhere. The quality of lives has been hindered.

According to the business leaders, they demand that the common men should dwell in a healthy work environment. The people include the employees, customers, visitors and even the clients. The Mayor must ensure this.

According to Bill Neidhardt, the Restoration of the essential services depends upon the federal stimulus. However, he is the mayor’s press secretary.

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