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r, 0rh, e, h, 6c, eb, Suspended High Scool Student Grabbed Media And Challenged District Official To Get Him Arrested, Weird? - The Tech Education
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Suspended High Scool Student Grabbed Media And Challenged District Official To Get Him Arrested, Weird?

On Thursday, a High School senior student was arrested. However, he came to school when he was suspendedโ€”the reason being insubordination after going to class.

Source Twitter

He should have studied virtually and not attended the class. A school district spokesman claims this.

A 17-year-old Maverick Stow has been charged with criminal trespass. He is from William Floyd High School in New York state.

Nora Kaplan-Stow stated to the Associated Press, ” I donโ€™t feel my son should have been arrested, I certainly didnโ€™t like seeing my son in handcuffs, but I support him 1,000%.”

He was supposed to study online that day. But attending the school even when he was suspended was his guilt.

The Challenge?

According to James Montalto, William Floyd School District spokesman the school is teaching three days in a virtual way and two days physically. Everything is according to New York’s social distancing rules.

Source Twitter

Additionally, he was suspended for five days from school. Master Stow did not even listen to the principal or directives.

Even the next day, the high school student challenged a district official. He meant to challenge him to remove him forcibly. Stow was warned with a letter; if he appears again, then he would be behind bars.

The next day, on Thursday, the student grab media attention, knowing that, he would get arrested.

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