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Sutha Sivanantham – A Woman Who Murdered Her Five Year Old Daughter!

Sutha Sivanantham is a 35-year-old lady who lives in London. Recently, she was accused of the murder of her daughter of 5-year-old. The metropolitan police reported that she would present herself via a video link at Wimbledon Magistrates Court on Friday. She would also speak to confirm the time of death and the name of her kid – Sayagi Sivanantham.

The case now is under the jurisdiction of Old Bailey. The mother would now be investigated on starting Tuesday. As the authorities say, a hearing will take place.

How the murder took place?

On June the 30th the officers were reported and asked to rush to Monarch Parade in Mitcham. However, as soon as the police arrived there they saw the mother and the child. They were lying on the floor and we’re suffering knife stab wounds.

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The little kid was identified to be Sayagi Sivanantham and was immediately attended inside an ambulance. She was also getting all the medical support and help in the hospital. But, suffering three days from the pain, the child succumbed to her injuries. However, She was later pronounced dead. After her demise when a post- mortem check up was done at Great Ormond Street children’s hospital was found that it was all the stab injuries.

Elsa Gonzalez, a neighbour residing in the neighbourhood was the one who heard screams and crying and went to see what has happened. Furthermore, she then addressed that both the mother and the daughter were lying in their own pool of blood and hence she called the police. Later, she also described Sayagi as a little cheeky girl who always used to smile and play around in the neighbourhood.

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Nonetheless, Siobhain McDonagh, the Labour MP for Mitcham and Morden tweeted his condolences to the family and found the whole situation really ‘tragic’. It truly was. In the end, reports state that the family shifted from Sri Lanka five years back. And now, the family isn’t there anymore. Truly tragic!



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