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hf, l, Why Kayleigh McEnany Didn't Wore A Mask And The White House Reporters Are Not Concerned With It? - The Tech Education
Kayleigh McEnany
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Why Kayleigh McEnany Didn’t Wore A Mask And The White House Reporters Are Not Concerned With It?

During the White House press conference, secretary Kayleigh McEnany talked a lot about Donald Trump. However, she and other Fox News reporters John Roberts spoke about why President Trump will not start white supremacists.

What Did Kayleigh McEnany Say During The Press Conference In The White House?

During the interview, McEnany revealed that Amy Coney Barrett has graduated from Rhodes school. She also blamed the media for covering the story of Trump, where he denounced white supremacist. Even she accused them of interrupting during her speech about Biden.

However, McEnany and her other staff member during the white house conference did not wear masks. As per the reports, Trump White House staff members said that they do not wear masks during. They do that because they are in deference to Trump’s disdain.

Apart from this, the conference room was small, and all reporters had their mask on. However, Jenn Pelligrino from OANN did not wear the mask.

The White House executives did not have anything to present concerning Trump’s diagnosis. They did not show any concerns about the safety measures during the conference meeting.

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The Health Department Issued A Memo For The Safety Measures Of Reporters

Recently a memo was released by the authorities which revealed that during the upcoming days, reporters should travel safely. However, as the election day comes closer day by day, the reporters will move more from one place to another. The memo revealed that all the journalists are requested to travel safely on Air Force One and be mindful.

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It also said to be aware and self-monitor during the travel in any high-risk localities.

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