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Here’s What Melania Trump Has To Say About The Refugee Children Appeared From Leaked Secret Tapes

The secret tape of Melania Trump, the first lady of the U.S and her senior is out in social media. However, the recorded tapes revealed how Melania heard the criticism which she received back in 2018 for her husband, Donald.

Who And When Released The Refugee Tapes?

The tapes also revealed how Trump’s controversial immigration policies led to refugee children from their parents. As a result, the refugee children remained at the U.S Mexico border. The disclosure of Melania’s tapes was already out before she and her husband tested positive for coronavirus.

The senior advisor Stephanie Winston released the implicated tapes during the show with CNN. The tapes revealed how she felt bad after hearing what has happened to those refugee children. She laments about herself and realises what she could have done as the first lady.

First lady Melania Trump speaks during a reception at the United States mission to the United Nations, Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018, in New York. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Talking about Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, she is an author and close friend of Melania. These old buddies met in the year of 2003, and since then she was hired as a senior advisor when Trump won the election.

However, she recently resigned from her situation due to her involvement in controversial Mueller’s case. The report says that she funded during the event of Trump’s inauguration.

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How Melania Trump Reacted After Knowing About The Refugee Children?

Coming back to refugee tape, Stephanie said that she met all the refugee children who came from Coyotes. With this, she said to Melania that because of people trafficking, the children were kept in jail.

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The tape also revealed that the children did not get any proper facilities to live. After knowing this Melania mourned for children’s condition. Stephanie also said that the children didn’t get any adequate shelter or any family to live with.┬áIt was shocking and heartbreaking at the same time after knowing about the refugee children.

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