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Trump from unlawfully excluding Undocumented citizens!
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Trump To Use Unlawful Methods To Exclude Illegal Immigrants. Court To Take Action Against Trump?

Judges and court accuse Trump of using the unlawful method to exclude undocumented immigrants in the census. Hence, Trump and his followers were blocked from doing so. Census is basically an estimate done to know how many congress seats each state gets. Furthermore, Trump went ahead in July and told the commerce department to serve the data without undocumented immigrants. He asked them to exclude the immigrants as said by the three judges.

Dale Ho appreciating the judges!

Moreover, the thing is you see if the commerce department agrees to do what Trump says then it will be an illegal count. Not only illegal, but it would also exceed the authority that is given to the President. It is said that the census should always be appropriate for the distribution of 435 seats.

The director of the voting rights department Dale ho appreciated judges’ and court’s decision. Moreover, he also said that Trump could not make the election process ‘dirty’. He was happy about how Trump could not weaponize the people. Dale Ho called it a ‘huge victory’ for America.

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The judges immediately rejected Trump’s decision. Because they knew that the destruction or trouble can last for more than a decade. Moreover, the law is very very clear. Every person counts. Every person is important.

In their defence, the panel of the judges said that as long as a person residing in the country no matter in the documented way or not is a people. They will be counted as the citizen and also in the census. No action is told to be taken against Trump as of yet. But we hope he knows that there are people who will always be on the good side. No matter what. People of America wait for presidential election 2020

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