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7qz, se, flq, z, an, qr, 0, n, o, y, ig, w, e, u, 0, k, g, 9bj, g82, wl, 98, Why Boris Is Unhappy With Churchill Statue Vandalization? 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Why Boris Is Unhappy With Churchill Statue Vandalization? Know How He Will Punish The Blamable

Boris became aggressive and unhappy at the same time against people’s behavior. The reports say that some people destroyed the statue of  Sir Winston Churchill. This incident took place near Parliament Square. However, Boris has said that the punishment for destroying such property will cause criminal offense and will be taken in action.

Boris  Statements Upon The Vandalisation Of Sir Winston Churchill

The report says that the name on the statue was marked with black ink. In addition to this, someone wrote upon the statue that he was a racist. This brought a great insult to Great Britain’s wartime leader. The guidelines revealed and said that it is a criminal offence and the defaulter will be punished with 10 years of imprisonment.

This charges will be put up for causing damages on war memorials and graves in England and Wales. Although, the people responded to this act very aggressively. Around 3270 out of which almost 3227 people have voted for making the punishment even more severe. There were only 35 people who voted during the poll and the rest of them were unsure about their preference.

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People’s Statements Regarding This Act

During the polling counting, a person said that there should be a stronger punishment for this kind of act. Another person said that instead of spending money on cleaning that criminal, the government should invest in making the sentence longer.

Few people also said that its police duty to catch the culprit and the culprit has no rights to board up the statues like that. They say that its court’s responsibility to make things right. There were some people who also said that the protests should be clampdown.

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During this drastic situation of pandemic and Current protests of Black Lives Matter, this statue got pulled in. Many people as well the security department thinks that the person could be from the protests. The statue was spray-painted and was written ‘A racist’.

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