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Boris Johnson Presented A Scheme £100Bn ‘Moonshot’ In Christmas, Why Aren’t His Ministers And Scientists Supporting Him?

Experts in the United Kingdom, have started banging their heads on the wall. This happens because of Boris’s ‘TBC’ plan. However there Maine plan is to save Christmas.

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The ministers have admitted the teck for £100bn ‘moonshot’. This is precisely to diagnose 10m a day. But scientists show their disagreement with this. According to them if this is being done, then it has the potential to give millions of false +ve results.

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Last night in Downing Street press conference, Boris Johnson presented his scheme. According to him, this is an excellent way to convert the country to normal. And with 10 million people.

Total Waste Of Money?

However, PM’s experts warned that this would be a total waste of money. And according to the ministers, this kind of technology does not exist. Neither now nor Never.

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According to Boris Johnson’s experts, if the same money can be invested in other areas, then it would yield better results.

Even the ministers stated that that kind of technology is hard to develop.

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However, the required testing should be done. There are better and more effective ways in which funding can be boosted. Test and trace should be done so that it would encourage people. The people showing symptoms should self isolate themselves.

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