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Donald Trump Covered Up A Murder? Here’s How He Saved Saudi Prince From The Murder Of Khashoggi

President Donald Trump is feeling proud of himself for saving Saudi Prince. However, the prince was charged for the murder of Saudi Arabian Journalist Jamal Khashoggi’. He died two years ago and all doubts came into Prince. Trump said in a recent interview that ‘he saved his ass’.

Bob Woodward’s Book Facts About Trump’s Destruction

These facts can be also compared with Bob Woodward’s new book. The book name is ‘The Rage’ where it contains almost 18 interviews that happened between Bob and Trump. This book is going to be released soon on September 15. The book will contain exposer of the blunders of Donald Trump during his presidency.

The Book ‘Rage’ has not come to sales yet but the rumors said that book reports how Trump saved the Saudi prince from the murder. The book will reveal the murder of Khashoggi and how he was assassinated in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Mohammed Bin Salaman was targeted by the US congress for the murder in the year of 2 October 2018.

Exposed Prince And Trump Statement

After getting exposed to the involvement of the murder, the president himself disclosed the reality that he saved the prince from the murder. The Prince was targeted by the hit team in Saudi. But President requested the Congress to set him free from the murder case. Trump stopped the congress before catching him for the murder.

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Prince Hides The Truth? Donald Trump Revealed The Truth

The Business insider book was released on 12 September and it revealed a little more information about the prince. This book reports one interview in which, Trump said that the prince will always try to deny the facts. He then continues by saying that the prince will say that ‘he didn’t do it’. Trump finds it funny that the prince says that to everybody.

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From day one Saudi Arabia has denied any involvement in the murder. While defending themselves, they said that their Hit squad agents went on rouge and did the killing.

In addition to this, the agents who were involved during the murder of the reporter ‘Khashoggi’ were sent to prison. The Court declared them as the murderers and eight of the agents went to prison for 20years.

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