Why Are Tom And Zendaya Going To End Up Their Relationship? Truth Behind Breakup Rumors!

Fans of Tom Holland and Zendaya want to know if the couple is still together after rumors of a breakup spread online. Let’s put those rumors to rest. Since the Marvel stars said they loved each other in public, fans have been very interested in new information about their relationship.

From rumors that they are getting married to rumors that Zendaya is pregnant, Tom and Zendaya have been in the spotlight a lot. This week, some fans were worried when false stories about the pair showed up on a popular social media app.

Zendaya And Tom Holland Did Not End Their Relationship In 2022?

Zendaya and Tom Holland relationship timeline

Zendaya and Tom haven’t broken up, and in 2022, they are still together and doing well. The rumors seem to have started with posts on Snapchat’s “Discover” page. Several Snapchat users said on Twitter that they had seen posts that said Tom and Zendaya had broken up.

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False Rumors Leave Fans Worried!

Some of Tom and Zendaya‘s fans were afraid because of the rumors. One fan asked, “Wait, did Tom Holland and Zendaya break up, or is my Snapchat discover page just trying to get me to click?” Someone else replied, “This is the same text with a different picture, and it’s been going on for hours. It’s either a bot or some desperate people who need likes today.”

Another fan wrote, “I really hope Tom and Zendaya never break up.” “I don’t care about how celebrities date, but I know those two very well. They’re very nice.” A fourth person wrote on Twitter, “Why do people say Zendaya and Tom broke up? That won’t happen ok? “Not on your life!”

Tom Is Taking A Break From Social Media Because He Says It’s Too Much!

Tom posted on Instagram on August 13, 2022, that he was taking a break from social media because “Instagram and Twitter are too stimulating.” In a three-minute video, he said, “I get caught up and spiral when I read things about me online. It’s overwhelming.”

“In the end, it hurts my mental health a lot, so I’ve decided to step back and delete the app.” The Marvel star said that the video was a “brief” return to his account before he left social media.

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