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Who Was Takeoff Dating? His Dating History: Who Has The Migos Rapper Dated?

Takeoff, a member of the popular rap group Migos, was shot and killed when he was only 28 years old. Who did he date and how long did they go out for?

Takeoff’s personal life got a lot of attention because he was a member of the group Migos, along with Quavo and Offset. Who the rapper might have been dating has been in the news more than once. In 2018, there were a lot of talks that he was dating Dream Doll, which was one of the most interesting rumors.

But while talking on Streetz 103.3/100.5, she said that none of the rumors were true. “That’s not true!” replied the rapper. “Since 2017, I haven’t talked to him. We haven’t talked in a whole year. I have no idea where that came from.”

But the late Takeoff wasn’t just linked to Dream Doll. He was also said to be dating Katy Perry, another beautiful musician.

Did Takeoff Really Date Katy Perry?

There were rumors that Takeoff and Katy Perry were dating back in May 2017, when MTO News said, according to Hollywood Life, that they were seen together as a couple at a “Saturday Night Live” after-party. How did they seem to become friends?

Well, the outlet said that Perry and Takeoff had gotten close while working on Perry’s song “Bon Appetit,” which also had Migos on it. Before the dating rumors started, the three of them performed the song with Perry on “Saturday Night Live.” Pretty telling, though, that this one was just internet chatter.

The original report was taken down soon after, and no other news source ever said the two were together, and neither person ever addressed the rumors.

Even more, proof that Perry and the rapper probably weren’t dating came when Perry stopped following the rap group on Instagram right after they performed on “Saturday Night Live.” “The Ricky Smiley Morning Show,” said this could mean she and the group had a fight.

Even though Takeoff kept his relationships a bit more private, My News GH says that he later dated Liyah Jade, but that they broke up in 2021. It’s thought that the late rapper wasn’t with anyone when he died in a tragic accident.

Dream Doll And Takeoff Were Romantically Linked, But She Denied That They Were Dating

The source said that during his time in the spotlight, Takeoff was romantically linked to Dream Doll, Rubi Rose, and Lakeya Darshay.

But when asked in an interview about who she was dating in 2019, Dream Doll said she wasn’t dating anyone. “What’s this about Tajeoff? ” asked the host. “No, that’s not right. Dream Doll said, “I don’t even know where that came from.”

She said in the interview that she hadn’t talked to Takeoff since 2017. “I woke up and I’m dating him,” she said.

Liyah Jade Was Dating Takeoff, According To Reports

The source said that the rapper “was seeing Liyah Jade.”

The site said that the relationship ended in 2021. Yahoo said that it wasn’t clear if Takeoff had any children.

TMZ said that the shooting happened early in the morning of November 1, 2022, and that Takeoff was the victim. Two other victims were taken to hospitals in private cars, according to Houston Police. The names of the victims won’t be released until the Harris County medical examiner’s office confirms them.

What Happened With Takeoff?

Takeoff was shot at a party in Houston, Texas, on November 1, 2022, and had to be rushed to the hospital. Quavo, his uncle and a member of the band Migos, could be heard yelling for help during the incident on a video that was going around.

The rapper from Georgia was said to be dead on Tuesday morning.

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