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Who is Timothee Chalamet Dating? A Look into His Love Life!!

Who is Timothee Chalamet Dating? This is the place you are looking for to get all the details.

Timothee Chalamet is an American actor. He was born on December 27, 1995 in New York City, United States and attended Columbia University for anthropology before transferring to NYU to pursue his acting career Timothée attended the University of California, Los Angeles for theatre, but found it difficult to balance his academic studies with acting.

He started his acting career at a young age, but he had always wanted to pursue soccer professionally. He’s proud of himself and fans also love him for his work as well as his charming look.

Career and Achievements:

As of February 2018, Timothee Chalamet has had five movie credits to his name. He has also starred in the movies Frances Ha (2012), Heaven Knows What (2014) and The King’s Speech (2010). These were his best performances.

Timothee Chalamet is an award-winning actor who made his breakthrough in the 2017 romantic drama Call Me By Your Name. He’s since appeared in repeat roles on Hot Summer Nights, Lady Bird, Beautiful Boy (2018), A Rainy Day In New York (2019), and more. He will also be seen in Netflix Original film Don’t Look Up. His upcoming musical film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Wonka’s Musical Adventure is eagerly awaited by his fans.

After winning the Best Actor at this year’s Academy Awards for his role in Call Me By Your Name, Timothee has been nominated for many other roles and awarded with plenty of accolades.

Timothee, a French actor with a Canadian origin, is not only an amazing talent but also handsome and well-dressed. His fans have stolen millions of hearts with his smile and positive attitude.

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Who is Timothee Chalamet Dating?

Despite his success in the acting industry, his’s fans are excited about his past relationships and also his current status.

He and Lourdes dated for a year during high school in 2013. Madonna was reportedly sending bodyguards along with them when they went on dates, the reason for which is unclear. The first time he met Lola was in between takes at a party they were both attending six years ago. She also said that respects Timothee’s a lot as he was her first lover.

Few people know this, but Timorese Chalamet was dating a girl named Lourdes (Lola) in high school.

In 2018, Timotee dated Lily-Rose Depp. They met each other on the sets of their movie The King which premiered on Netflix. Both were playful and flirty, with glimpses of their smoky kissing being caught by paparazzi in Italy. They were embarrassed by the photos and things didn’t go well after that. The breakup happened in 2020 April.

Netflix‘s The King stars Timothee Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp. In late 2020, Timothee Chalamet was spotted with actress Eiza Gonzalez. They reportedly traveled together to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico while heavily engrossed in PDA. They had their summer romance. But they still didn’t work well together, and they’ve broken up.

Actor Timothee Chalamet is finding lots of love on the silver screen, as well as rumors about his off-screen life.

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Rumors and Current Relationship Status:

Rumors are swirling that actor Timothee Chalamet and his ex-girlfriend, Lily-Rose Depp, may have just rekindled their flame. They were spotted together with arms linked in New York City earlier this week. A source told us that just before they met up at an award show, a shopkeeper informed them that he

Timothee is a single man. The fact that they haven’t confirmed their relationship in public leaves room for speculation It’s unclear whether the couple are dating, friends or just keeping to themselves.

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