Who is This T-Mobile Girl And What Happened To Her?

Carly Foulkes became known as the “T-Mobile Girl” at the beginning of the 2010s. The Canadian model appeared in many 4G ads for the cell phone company, wearing a red outfit that fit the brand. Her bubbly personality made her popular with viewers, and T-Mobile released a behind-the-scenes video with her after getting good feedback. Foulkes used to work for T-Mobile, but it’s been a few years since she left. What does she do now?

Foulkes is still modeling, though. Because of this, she is also a very good camerawoman. She often posts beautiful photos of models and other creative photos she takes on her personal Instagram account. She also posts about her photography on Instagram, where she shows off more of her skills.

In a 2017 interview with the clothing company Free People, Foulkes talked about her daily routine: “It changes a lot, but right now, it includes doing yoga in the daylight, taking my dog for a walk, and then going to my studio to shoot, collage, or work on other video projects. I’ve just started directing, and I’m enjoying it. I’ve also become more in control of curler skating. ”

Carly Foulkes: The T-Mobile Girl

Carly Foulkes is known by everyone as the “T-Mobile Girl.” She is a model and hero from Canada. Foulkes’s birthday used to be August 4, 1988. She pointed out something in a group of T-Mobile MyTouch 4G TV ads. Carly was known for wearing pink and white in the summer.

She kept her name by dressing like a pink-and-black biker miss. Foulkes was a spokesperson for T-Mobile from the fall of 2010 to the spring of 2013.

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What Happened To Carly Foulkes?

Carly Foulkes has been called an “intercourse number” many times. She became so well-known because of her ads. In 2013, Laura Stampler of Business Insider called her “one of the most well-known manufacturers’ spokes guys.”

At a conference, Foulkes said, “I’m comfortable. The media turned her biker lady outfit into a “poor girl chick image.” When I think of sexy, I almost don’t put myself in that group. So I feel very proud. That’s why it’s funny.” Carly has moved on from her role as a model in her everyday life. She is now a performer and a cameraman. Most of the time, Carly’s Instagram is full of life.

Carly released her song “I Was All Talk” in 2020. She wrote on her website, “This song is about choosing someone who isn’t right for you and trying to learn from that sadness.” After 2013, Carly was seen at a few T-Mobile events. References say that her deal with the company is still on, but the details are unknown.

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