Who Is The Harp On Masked Singer? Is Harp Has Been Revealed?

Spoiler alert! Harp has been revealed! Scroll down to see who was hiding behind the mask! In season 8 of Fox’s The Masked Singer, a group of famous singers tries to conceal their voices by putting on masks and fancy costumes. The show, which is hosted by Nick Cannon, keeps people on the edge of their seats almost every week as they try to guess who is singing onstage.

The Guesses: Harp on “The Masked Singer”

Based on Harp’s voice, our best guess is that it’s Amber Riley, who became famous for playing Mercedes Jones on Glee. Here’s the evidence: Amber tried out for Season 2 of American Idol, but she didn’t make the cut. The Glee: The 3D Concert Movie was hinted at by the 3D glasses.

N Amber played the Good Witch Addaperle in the musical The Wiz, so the witch hat was a nod to that. Fans and judges have also said what they think will happen. Ken figured out that the singer was Jennifer Hudson based on the fact that she was funny.

The guy from “The Hangover” said that Jennifer played “Louise from St. Louis” in the first “Sex and the City” movie, where she showed how funny she could be. Candice Glover from American Idol has also been thought of because of her voice.

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Who is Harp on “The Masked Singer”?

On the season 8 finale of “The Masked Singer,” Harp was revealed to be Grammy-nominated actress and singer Amber Riley. Riley is best known for playing Mercedes on “Glee,” but she has also won a number of other awards. Amber not only made it to the final round of The Masked Singer, but she also won the Golden Mask Trophy by beating out the Lambs!

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