Who is Taye Diggs Dating?

Who is Taye Diggs Dating? Relationship Timeline History In 2022!


Taye Diggs, an actor and singer from the United States is a celebrity-dating show competitor. You may meet your potential partner online or via dating apps. Many individuals use dating apps like Tinder in their search for love. 

Therefore, why are celebrities unable to follow suit? Naturally, they can. In February 2021, ABC announced that they will replicate ‘The Celebrity Dating Game.’ It brings us to the current focus of attention, Taye Diggs, a great singer, and actor.

In January 2013, Taye previously married Idina Menzel. Taye and Idina were blessed with the birth of a son on September 2, 2009. They named their child Walker Nathaniel Diggs. 

They divorced, though, after 10 years of marriage. Taye Diggs started dating Selling Sunset castmate Amanza Smith soon after their divorce. They spent a few years together. Regrettably, the duo opted to end their five-year relationship in 2018. 

As is well known, he is entirely focused on his work and his adorable little Walker. Nobody can dispute that ‘Walker despises his father being in a relationship and wants his father for himself.’ 

That is why his appearance on ‘The Celebrity Dating Game’ sparked speculation about whether he was now ready for romance. Let us ascertain his new girlfriend’s identity.

Taye Diggs, who is he?

Scott Leo Taye Diggs is an American singer and actor. He is well known for his Broadway appearances in Rent and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. How Stella Reclaimed, Her Groove is his directorial debut (1998). He has starred in films such as Brown Sugar (2002), The Best Man (1999), and The Best Man Holiday (2001). (2013). 

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He has appeared in several television series, including Private Practices and Murder in the First. It is just a little glimpse into his amazing acting and singing career. He has starred in more than 50 films and television series. His range as an actor is limitless.

Taye Diggs is a New Jersey native reared in Rochester, New York. His father, Andre Young, is a visual artist, and his mother, Marcia, was a teacher and actor. 

He is the oldest of five brothers and sisters. His two brothers are also musicians. One sister is a dancer, while the other attends college. He was born into a family steeped in the arts and industries and was bound to end up where he is today.

The appearance of Taye Diggs on The Celebrity Dating Game

The program ‘The Celebrity Dating Game’ is still airing more than two decades after the conclusion of the last season. Zooey Deschanel and Michael Bolton co-host the program. 

They aided the celebrities in choosing one of three strangers behind the screen. Taye Diggs had an appearance on the program ‘Celebrity Dating Game’ on June 28, 2021. 

He faced up against three contestants: office manager Arielle Caputo, Javin Hope from Hawaii, and pediatric nurse Tofy Mabo.

“What is love if the phrase is not used?” — Taye Diggs’s Love Examination.

He tasked the three finalists with expressing the notion of love without using the term. The question was simple yet challenging. Nonetheless, each of the three individuals presented straightforward but diverse solutions. 

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Arielle responded by promising to give him a “massive embrace.” Javin responded by declaring she would give him a “big kiss” in retaliation. Mabo, the last contender, said that she would “hold his hand and by the way she touches him, make him feel loved.”

Taye was acquainted with one of the candidates. Is she his new love interest?

It was one of the most bizarre acts he’d ever committed. He subsequently disclosed, however, that he knew one of the competitors. 

Arielle Caputo, however, correctly recognized Taye Diggs after a round of guessing. When Deschanel enquired about their connection, Taye said, “It’s a long story.” His reaction made it very clear that he would not provide the information.

Who is Taye Diggs Dating?

Diggs was supposed to pick one of his three choices after the evening. Taye’s attention was pulled to Jevin when he heard her response to his question, ‘what would they do on their honeymoon?’ 

She replied brilliantly, stating that they would relax, enjoy the sunset, and ‘just chill’ after the ceremony. After Jevin Hope’s reaction, Taye Diggs chose to go on a date with her.

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