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When Will Hit Monkey Season 2 Release Date? All You Need To Know!

‘Marvel’s Hit-Monkey‘ is an adult animated series on Hulu that follows Monkey, a Japanese snow monkey, on a vengeance quest to punish the people who murdered his clan. 

Monkey is joined by the spirit of Bryce, an assassin who joins the former’s tribe before being assassinated by his adversaries. Following his demise, Bryce becomes Monkey’s ubiquitous companion, teaching and supporting him in eliminating those who have injured the tribe. The series, created by Will Speck and Josh Gordon, follows Monkey and Bryce on their trip, which also causes them to ponder on their character.

The sitcom is based on the Marvel Comics superhero of the same name. When the program premiered in November 2021, it received positive reviews from reviewers, who lauded the show’s binge-worthy plot, creativity, and aesthetic.  Following a great first season, you’re probably curious about the idea of a sophomore round. Thus, here is all we know about the second season of ‘Marvel’s Hit-Monkey!

Hit Monkey Season 2: Did They Announce It?

Season 2 of Hit-Monkey has yet to be announced. The second season of Hit-Monkey is expected to be announced soon. This is because the first season of Hit-Monkey was well received by the audience. We anticipate that the second season of Hit-Monkey will pique the interest of the audience. Let us now see what happens next.

If we receive any news or updates about the second season, we will post them on this page. This website is updated on a regular basis, so check back frequently. Let’s take a look at the second season’s cast.

Hit Monkey Season 2 Cast

The Hit-Monkey Season 2 cast is listed below.

  • Fred Tatasciore works for Hit-Monkey.
  • Bryce is played by Jason Sudeikis.
  • Akiko is played by Olivia Munn.
  • Shinji Yokohama is played by George Takei.
  • Ally Maki is Haruka
  • Nobi Nakanishi is Ito
  • Feodor Chin as Police Captain
  • Ryoshin Keisuke Hoashi
  • Fat Cobra is played by Noshir Dalal.
  • General Kato is played by Ejiro Ozaki.
  • Jeanne Sakata is known as the Fish Lady.
  • Paul Nakauchi
  • Reiko Aylesworth is Lady Bullseye
  • Masa Kanome
  • Matthew Moy
  • Jolene Kim is Female Military Police
  • Ciena Rae’s
  • Mia Korf

Let’s take a look at the first season of Hit-Monkey.

Hit Monkey Season 2 Plot

The first season opens with Bryce’s arrival in Tokyo to carry out a Prime Minister candidate’s killing. Bryce is injured at work and is taken to the mountains to be treated by the monkey tribe. However, Bryce’s adversaries find him down and assassinate him and the rest of the tribe, save for Monkey, who escapes the disaster. 

Following that, Bryce’s spirit begins visiting Monkey and instructing him to get vengeance on those who mistreated him. As Hit-Monkey continues his rampage, he comes upon Lady Bullseye, who takes things to new heights. However, with the assistance of Bryce, Hit-Monkey attempts to complete what he began.

The second season will focus on Lady Bullseye if the program is revived. As Hit-ego Monkey is bruised, we may anticipate the supervillain to reveal her full might in the next season. In the November 2021 interview, the producers acknowledged that if the program were renewed for a second season, there would be more to explore in Bullseye’s character. 

However, we may anticipate Bryce continuing to train Hit-Monkey, who may begin to grasp the subtleties of the criminal syndicates even more fully. If the producers adhere to the original comics’ themes, we may see Hit-Monkey dispatch the assassins in a grand manner in a future season 2.

Where to Watch Hit Monkey Season 2

It’s available to watch on Hulu or YouTube. Hit-Monkey, like all famous shows, has similarities to some shows that you may have thought of while watching the first season. Shows like Loki, Archer, Wanda Vision, What If, and Agent Carter are some of the similar shows available on Hulu.

Hit Monkey Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer for Hit-Monkey Season 2 has yet to be released. Following the announcement of the second season of the series Hit-Monkey, it appears that it will be released soon.

Find the official trailer for Hit-first Monkey’s season below. Hulu released it on October 18, 2021. Let’s take a look.

Hit Monkey Season 2 Premiere Date

The series’ producers and official streaming platform have yet to set a release date for the second season. We do not yet know if the sitcom will be renewed or canceled for a second season.  The first season, which premiered concurrently on 17th November 2021, consisted of 10 episodes, and we may anticipate the second season to have the same number of episodes, if not more. 

With an IMDB rating of 8.1/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 73%, the animation fared fairly well, and the likelihood of renewal is quite strong. If the series is revived, it will likely debut in 2022 or later in 2023.

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Is Bryce in the Hit-Monkey comics?

The series premiered on November 17, 2021, with Jason Sudeikis as the voice of Bryce, Hit-deceased Monkey’s mentor, and Fred Tatasciore providing Hit-vocal Monkey’s effects.

Is Marvel Hit-Monkey canon?

Hit Monkey, a relic of the now-defunct Marvel Television, joins M.O.D.O.K. as the final non-canon Marvel series on Hulu.