Who Is Savannah Chrisley Dating? Relationship Timeline Explained!

Savannah Chrisley is an actor and fashion blogger from the United States. She is well-known for her appearance on the family reality program ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’ ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ centers on Todd Chrisley, Savannah Chrisley‘s father, and family. 

Tedd and Julie’s oldest daughter is Savannah. She even won the Miss Tennessee Title USA in 2016 due to her beauty pageant competition. 

She has also participated in the films Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens and ‘Hollywood Game Night,’ where she portrays herself, Savannah Chrisley.

Savannah is the second youngest child in her family. Savannah Faith Chrisley is her given name. 

That makes her 23 years old; she will be 24 this year, and she is a Leo. She received her education at Belmont University and Lipscomb University. 

Savannah was sixteen years old when her family’s program premiered. She has a strong relationship with Savannah’s elder brother, Chase. Savannah and Chase sometimes share pals due to their close age difference. 

She loves and appreciates her family. Savannah is often seen posing with her family members. She is a diva who is not scared to try new things. She enjoys experimenting with cosmetic looks and regularly shares them on her Instagram.

Who Is Savannah Chisley Dating?

Savannah is an attractive and intelligent lady. As previously said, she has won many beauty pageants. These instances were appropriately documented on her family’s reality program, ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’ 

She is 170.8 centimeters tall; she seems much taller when wearing high heels. Savannah, without a doubt, has a wonderful personality.

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Savannah’s most recent romance was with NHL player Nic Kerdiles. Nic came to Savannah’s notice when an Instagram snapshot of him was liked by a girl Savannah followed. 

Savannah was immediately taken with him. She describes her response as “ohhhhhh, dangggg, who’s that!” And then she sent Nic a photograph of herself, which he reacted to. And then, on Christmas Eve 2018, they astonished Savannah’s friends and family, as well as Savannah herself, by proposing.

Savannah and Nic were engaged but had no immediate plans to marry. “Just because you’re engaged does not imply you have to marry tomorrow,” Savannah explains. 

“So, we’re just taking our time,” she said. We are certain that we want to spend the rest of our lives together. However, events did not unfold as anticipated. 

Savannah confirmed her separation with Nic on September 14, 2020, through an Instagram post. Regarding their current relationship status, she states that “there is no animosity between the two of us which, in all honesty, makes parting goodbye much more difficult.” 

We have nothing but regard, respect, and love for one another, but it is time for each of us to go on independently.” Now, let’s examine her dating history.

Blaire Hanks

Savannah’s first known boyfriend is Blaire. Blaire Hanks was first featured on Savannah’s family television series ‘Chrisley Knows Better’ as a guest star. Blaire was a friend of Savannah’s brother, which they met. The pair had ended their relationship in 2017. 

Savannah said of her relationship with Blaire, “It’s so amusing whenever I think back on Blaire and I and the good times we had.” 

We had a great time, and everything was beautiful,” she said, “It was difficult to keep the connection to ourselves.” Perhaps it is why we have arrived at this moment. Occasionally, we might endure so much in a relationship that it wears on us. It was not his fault; it was not mine; it was ours.”

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Chandlor Parsons

Chandlor Parsons and Savannah Chrisley had an affair before their relationship with Kennard. Savannah’s father had even discussed their connection with her. 

In a discussion, he said, “I believe he is a wonderful person.” He has an excellent sense of humor, but he is an NBA player,” he said. ” 

With that stated… I believe the NBA is comprised of hoe hounds.” Savannah’s father said he did not want her to be one of the females Chadlor dated. And the romance was brief.

Luke Kennard

You may have gathered by now that Savannah has a thing for athletics. She began dating Luke in 2017, but the relationship fizzled after he was drafted into the NBA. Additionally, rumors said that Luke had cheated on Savannah.

Nic Kerdiles

This relationship has previously been discussed in the article. They had a satisfying relationship but had unfortunately ended it. However, speculations suggest they have reconciled because Savanna erased the post in which she announced their breakup.

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