Who Is Liam Hemsworth Dating? Meet His Girlfriend Gabriella

Liam Hemsworth is an actor who is from Australia. Chris and Luke Hemsworth, who are also actors, are his brothers. Liam is best known for his roles in The Hunger Games movies in the 2010s and Independence Day: Resurgence in 2016. He married his co-star in The Last Song, Miley Cyrus, in 2018, but they broke up less than a year later.

Who Is Liam Hemsworth Dating?

“Liam’s family has been a big help since he broke up with Miley, but it was Gabriella who made him realize there is life after Miley,” a source said. “Gabriella is young, but she loves him so much. She gets along well with his parents and the people he cares about most. As soon as they started dating, they had a lot in common.

Who Is Gabriella?

Gabrielle Brooks

Gabrielle Brooks is an English actress who was born on January 28, 1990. For her role in Get Up, Stand Up! The Bob Marley Musical was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award. She started out as a child actress in Whistle Down the Wind by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Gabriella: Career Details

Gabrielle Brooks was born there and grew up there. She comes from both Jamaica and Guyana. She has two younger sisters. She went to Sir George Monoux College in Walthamstow and then trained at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. In 2011, she got a Bachelor of Arts degree there.

Brooks’s parents put her in an after-school acting program, which is how she got interested in acting. She got her first part at the age of 7 in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Whistle Down the Wind at the Aldwych Theatre. It was through the agency of her teacher.

How Long Have Liam Hemsworth And Gabriella Been Dating

A year after his divorce from singer Miley Cyrus, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth has made his relationship with model Gabriella Brooks official.

In January 2021, After 18 Months Of Dating, A Couple Became Serious.

After one year of dating, a source tells E! that Brooks “brings out the best” in Hemsworth. His relationship with Gabriella is very different from his relationship with Miley, according to the source. They share the same passions and lifestyle. The source added that Hemsworth’s 10-year relationship with Cyrus was “a rollercoaster of highs and lows,” but that “Gabriella is very laid-back and steady.”

According to a source, she has also become very close with the Hemsworth family. The family enjoys her presence and thinks she’s great, a source told E! They are pleased that Liam has found someone who brings out his best qualities.

Us Weekly had previously confirmed that Brooks first met Hemsworth’s parents in Australia in 2019 and that they liked her. According to a source, Liam is at ease with Gabriella. The fact that his family likes her very much is very important to him. New Idea captured the first image of the couple kissing on the beach in January 2020.

At the time, a source told People that Brooks and Hemsworth were “getting serious.” A source revealed that Liam and Gabriella have spent considerable time in Australia together. Gabriella has met Liam’s siblings, parents, and grandparents. According to the source, the couple does many activities together, including working out, surfing, and hanging out at the beach, which Hemsworth’s friends enjoy.

They Spent The Holidays Together

On December 26, 2021, Liam posted several photos from a super-cute trip he and Gabriella took to Instagram. The Daily Mail also said that Liam’s brother Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, went on the journey to Europe. Okay, okay, so it looks like the family likes it!

At the moment, that’s pretty much all we know, but we’ll add more information to this story as soon as more swoon-worthy news comes out!

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