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Who Is Lexi Hensler Dating, What Happened With Brent Rivera?

Who Is Lexi Hensler Dating?

Is Lexi Hensler Dating Brent Rivera?

Lexi and Brent Rivera have a close friendship that includes some work. Rumors circulated on social media about them dating, but in another video Lexi denied this. They are simply friends.

Lexi Henseler is dating Brent because it seems that he proposed to Lexi, and they visited Italy and spent their time there. It is unknown if Ben knows about this or not, but according to the article from Woman’s Day magazine “Brent Gets Married: ‘Teen Mom’ Alum Lexi Hensler Marries

Lexi is also, in fact, shipped with fellow YouTuber Ben Azelart. Lexi is not currently dating Ben Azelart or Brent Rivera. However, Lexi does maintain a close relationship with these two people. To find out if she s been seen in the company of any new admirers lately, read on and you ll discover more about who our girl Lexi Hensler is currently romancing!

Why Did Lexi and Ex-Boyfriend Christian Break Up?

In March, Lexi Hensler (social media star) released a video titled: Saying Yes To My Boyfriend For 24 Hours. Their Youtube video made their audience meet her boyfriend, Christian Wilson for the first time. In other words, it was basically the Meet My Boyfriend edition Youtube video. She is often seen on social media with her boyfriend, Christian. The two are the founders of Anthem of Hope, a center for people dealing with depression and anxiety among other mental illnesses. A new video blog channel has just begun to release.

Lexi is dating Christian. Previously friends for the last six years, Lexi went on to state that her best friend of many years has now become her boyfriend. Why did this admirable couple split in the first place?

Who Is Lexi Hensler Dating?

Lexi Hensler and Christian Wilson

It has been reported recently that Lexi and Christian are no longer together, with the two of them confirming the separation both in social media posts and a Youtube video. Lexi and her friend, Brent were seen kissing in a Youtube video back in March 2021. Christian reacted to the video by posting it as an Instagram story and wrote, “Things not to do 3 weeks after a break-up,” which confirmed they had just recently broken up. Lexi herself in her Youtube video uploaded 3 weeks ago confirmed a break-up towards the end of the video. No reasons behind the separation have been revealed so far.

Who Is Lexi Hensler Dating In 2021? Has She Moved On?

I ve had enough! No, Lexi Hensler is not currently dating anyone. It seems like things might be serious with her Russian lover. Lexi appears to be experiencing a time of freedom in her life, during which she can devote copious amounts of energy towards self-development. Lexi Hensler Dating?

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