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Joel Alexander Kim Booster is an American actor, comedian, producer, and writer who was born in South Korea on February 29, 1988. His full name is Joel Alexander Kim Booster. He helped make Big Mouth and The Other Two and wrote for them. He has also been in Shrill, Search Party, and Sunnyside as an actor. In 2022, he wrote, produced, and starred in the Hulu romantic comedy Fire Island. It was a modern take on Pride and Prejudice with the main cast of Asian American actors.

Joel Kim Booster: Career Details

Booster moved to Chicago and got a job as a copywriter. After work, he began to act in plays and write jokes.  He got his start in stand-up comedy in an unusual way: he opened for plays in Chicago’s theatre scene. In 2014, he moved to New York to try to make a living as a comedian.

In 2016, he played a set on Conan. In 2017, he had his own Comedy Central special called Stand-Up Presents. Booster has also written for the TV shows Billy on the Street, Big Mouth, and The Other Two. Model Minority, his first stand-up album, came out on November 3, 2018.

The material talks about racism in the gay community, being Asian and growing up in a white neighborhood, and how he doesn’t fit into stereotypes about Asian Americans.

Booster has played many different roles, including one with Susan Sarandon in the YouTube original movie Viper Club, as well as in The Week Of on Netflix and Shrill with Aidy Bryant on Hulu. He co-starred as Jun Ho in the one-season NBC comedy show Sunnyside. In 2019, he worked with Patti Harrison to host a digital show on Comedy Central called Unsend.

He is often on the NPR show Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! In 2019, he and comedian Mitra Jouhari started the podcast Urgent Care with Joel Kim Booster + Mitra Jouhari for Earwolf. On the episode of The George Lucas Talk Show that aired on December 8, 2020, Booster and Eliza Skinner were both guests.

Fire Island, a romantic comedy from 2022 that you can watch on Hulu and be inspired by Pride and Prejudice, was written by Booster and he also starred in it.

It is one of the few mainstream gay movies with a cast that is primarily Asian American. Margaret Cho, Bowen Yang, and Conrad Ricamora are all in the movie.  The movie got good reviews and was praised for its cinematography, its fidelity to Pride and Prejudice, and the way it showed Howie and Noah’s loving friendship (played by Yang and Booster).

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In 2022, he put out a Netflix special called Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexual, which was a stand-up show. The Hollywood Reporter’s Abbey White said this about the special: “Psychosexual offers a hilariously biting deconstruction and reconstruction of Booster’s identity onstage; a repudiation not only of himself as a representative or “role model” for his various communities, but also an affirmation that as a comedian, his only job is to tell jokes, no matter if that speaks to any community at all.”

In September 2022, he performed at Las Vegas’s Life is Beautiful with Freya Fox, an EDM artist and actress, and Atsuko and Andrew Lopez, two comedians. Even though Fox is not a comedian, he played a game with Booster called “Guess the Comment: Kim Jong-Un or Joel Kim Booster?”

Joel Kim Booster: Personal Life Details

Booster is gay, and in his stand-up shows, he often talks about being gay. He said that he knew he was gay before he knew he was Asian.  Booster told everyone on July 21, 2020, that he has bipolar disorder.

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