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Who is Jayson Tatum Dating Now in 2022 | Complete Relationship Timeline Explained

Jayson Tatum is one of the NBA’s most exciting young stars. He’s a key member of the Boston Celtics and is on his way to becoming a Hall of Famer. In terms of his dating life, he’s been in a number of relationships in recent years. We’ve all seen Tatum’s adorable young son Deuce, whom he had with his ex-girlfriend Toriah Lachell when he was just 19 years old. Since then, the Celtics star has been dating Ella Mai, a British R&B singer. As a result, we’re going to take a closer look at Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend Ella Mai.

Jayson Tatum Relationships Timeline

  • Ella Mai (2019 – 2022)
  • Samantha Amos (2017 – 2018)
  • Toriah Lachell (2014 – 2017).

Jayson Tatum had a run-in with Bella Harris (2021).

Jayson Tatun Relation with Toriah LachelJayson-Tatum-and-toriah

If you’re a fan of Jayson Tatum, you’ve most likely seen his son, Jayson Tatum Jr. (nicknamed Deuce), who has become a regular at Celtics games. The four-year-old frequently sits courtside to support his father and has been caught doing adorable things like falling asleep during one of his father’s big dunks.

Deuce is adored by the fans, which has surprised his proud father. “I definitely did not expect it,” Tatum said of his son’s popularity in an interview with “It’s all right. It appeals to him. When he arrives at a home game, fans clap and yell his name. When it comes to games on the road and here at All-Star, he has his own personality.

According to reports, Lachell was Tatum’s high school sweetheart. Tatum and Lachelle had broken up when Lachelle revealed she was expecting Tatum’s child, and Tatum was dating someone else at the time. Deuce Tatum was born on December 6, 2017, just two months after he began his NBA career.

While Lachell and Tatum did not reunite after the birth of their son, they appear to have a good co-parenting relationship.

Tatum Relation with Ella Mai

Since October 2020, when he was spotted at her home, the singer and the NBA player have been linked. Their relationship is only a few months old, and they have yet to be seen together in public.

Ella Mai has been around for a long time, long before her name was linked to Jayson. For quite some time, her name has been well-known in the music industry. Her father is Irish and her mother is Jamaican. She is a 26-year-old British singer who moved to New York to pursue a career in music after being born in London in 1994. She graduated from a Queens high school at the age of 12 and returned to the United Kingdom for unknown reasons.

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