Who Is Jake Paul Dating

Who Is Jake Paul Dating: YouTuber Dating History And Relationship Timeline


Jake Paul is a YouTuber who has developed into a professional boxer. Like his elder brother Logan, the younger Jake originally rose to fame on Vine before the program was eventually phased down in 2017. Jake and Logan are both Vine celebrities.

After that, he shifted to YouTube, where his prank videos and vlogs gained him notoriety and financial success due to their viral nature. Paul’s net worth is now in the neighborhood of $10 million.

He has also had a rather successful boxing career, with a 3-0 professional record in the sport. On April 17th, he scored a first-round TKO victory against veteran UFC fighter Ben Askren, marking his most recent victory.

In addition to this, he has faced and beaten NBA icon Nate Robinson and YouTuber AnEsonGib, allowing him to achieve his perfect record.

Also, as a prologue to Logan Paul Vs. KSI 1, Paul engaged in a white-collar fight against Deji (KSI’s younger brother), winning by TKO. Paul also competed in a mixed martial arts combat against Deji.

Although he has not yet faced any top-tier expert boxers, his professional career has gotten off to a strong start.

Several of us have found ourselves having a thing for the good-looking YouTuber Jake Paul at some time or another in our lives. After all, who wouldn’t want to be on the list of Jake Paul’s female acquaintances?

Because we cannot become Jake Paul’s new lady friend, we can only speculate about his enticing list of previous lovers. And, to be honest, his courtship records are a fascinating read if you have the opportunity.

So, whether or not you believe you know who Jake Paul’s female buddy (and why it isn’t you) is, you’ve arrived at the correct location. Please take a look at Jake Paul’s dating history and find out all you want to know about him!

Who Is Jake Paul Dating?

Because of Jake Paul’s online celebrity status, many girls seem to be engaged in a relationship with him.¬†

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When you include his reliance on faking many of his social contacts on YouTube to get views, it becomes more difficult to determine which of his connections are genuine. While you’re contemplating all of this, here’s a list of Jake Paul’s girlfriends:

Saxon Sharbino

Saxon Sharbino is a heroine from the United States who traveled with Paul in 2014. While they used to spend most of their time together away from the cameras, they did get together as recently as 2017, when they filmed a video for Jake’s YouTube channel titled “a conversation with my ex-girlfriend.”

Alissa Violet

After his split with Saxon, Jake moved on to his second girlfriend, Alissa Violet. His prior girlfriends have all been well-publicized, but she is by far the most well-known.

Alissa is a model, television personality, and YouTube personality. Her most recent appearance on the catwalk was during Milan Fashion Week in 2020, when she strutted her thing on the runway. On the other hand, that used to be hers once her relationship with Jake ended.

From 2016 to 2017, Jake and Alissa were head over heels in love. That, on the other hand, used to be a short-lived relationship. Alissa Paul was accused of unfaithful to Jake Paul and his brother, Logan Paul, by Jake Paul. The two battled publicly on social media, posting critical remarks and direct messages instead of critical and direct messages.

As a result of the split, Alissa believed that Jake was the one who had emotionally and mentally harassed her. Meanwhile, Logan Paul produced a music video in which he challenged his brother’s division while also offering Alissa. Alissa and Logan later purchased a home together; however, this was also a temporary arrangement.

Tessa Brooks

Jake was seen having sexual relations with Tessa Brooks, a fellow member of crew 10, shortly after the business with Alissa in the year 2017. Many people were taken aback by this since Tessa had been Alissa’s best friend for quite some time.

Later, in a YouTube video that has since been kept private, she announced that she was quitting group 10 in 2018, stating that she had reached an end to her relationship with Jake.

Taela Dunn

Jake and actress Taela had a sexual encounter on one of his films in 2017. Her relationship with Logan Paul in 2016 was originally considered startling since she was previously involved with him.

Although the two said the kiss wasn’t an intentional publicity stunt, it’s assumed that it was clickbait since they haven’t ever been seen together again.

Erika Costell

When Erika Costell and Jake Paul were together, it was the most intense connection Jake Paul had ever experienced, even at a distance. Even though their relationship started in 2017, the two rapidly became inseparable as soon as they began dating.

They have been displayed on every other person’s YouTube channel on an ongoing basis, and they have become the image of love. At the zenith of their success, the two collaborated on a song named Chitty Bang and released a line of goods.

Originally born in 1992, Erika Costell is a singer, model, and YouTuber with a large following. She is now based in Los Angeles, pursuing her vlogging career. She and Jake Paul started dating in 2017, and since June of that year, they’ve been making frequent appearances on one other’s social media platforms.

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Although it was previously reported to be a hoax, the two even went to see a movie where they seemed to be getting married. After then, Erika created a piece of music known as Jerika, which was inspired by their relationship.

Tana Mongeau

For everyone who enjoys a bit of breaking news, it’s impossible to overlook the most important details surrounding Jake Paul’s relationship with Tana Mongeau.

These two began dating in 2019 and have been together at some point throughout the lockdown of 2020, although their romance did not survive the epidemic.

Tana Mongeau was born in 1998 and is a model, internet celebrity, and musician. She makes comedic videos on YouTube in her spare time, where she has about two billion subscribers.

In April of this year, she and Jake purchased a home together. However, they only lasted a few months before forcing them to take a hiatus. Yet, the two of them remained friends and, after that year, rekindled their romantic feelings for each other.

As it used to be conducted online, fans appreciated the romance because they felt like part of the process.

When Jake Paul proposed to Tana Mongeau during their brief but intense affair, the two began preparing for their happily ever after together.

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