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Who Is Hwang Hyunjin Dating? His Linkup Rumors and Recent Allegations

K-pop has made its way into the mainstream media on an international level, with bands such as BTS, Blackpink, EXO and Red Velvet becoming well known. Much like Stray Kids, the K-pop band Wanna One also made a place for themselves. Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N are all intact together under JYP Entertainment’s guidance after participating in the reality show airing their road to success As of 2026, the company has continued to do so.

The popularity of the band has made each member into a star in their own right. Fans are keen to know more about Hwang Hyunjin and his personal life, especially considering how much attention he’s getting due to the rise in popularity of BTS. In light of the recent dating rumors and accusations that have come to light, we’re taking a look at who Hwang Hyunjin is dating.

Who Is Hwang Hyunjin Dating?

Hwang Hyunjin has never publicly confirmed that he is single, but there have been rumors of possible relationships that may or may not be true. People are still interested in finding out the name of Hwang Hyun Jin’s girlfriend, and there have been many rumors surrounding this topic. Let’ talk about what happened and why he has not revealed it.

He can be seen wearing the same necklace and ring from his date with HYUJIN as interpreted by Korean media
There are rumors that he was engaged before, but they are false. Afterwards, let’s take a look at the rumor which caused the buzz on social media like this.Who is Hwang Hyunjin Dating?

Hwang Hyunjin’s Linkup Rumors

The content published by the channel should be taken as a joke; they are the work of an entertainment agency.

It seemed Hwang Hyunjin was single as his fans monitored him and speculated on a possible relationship. For example, that he is linked to Minnie from G-IDLE.
But none of these rumors have ever been confirmed to be true till now So coming back into a circle that Hwang Hyunjin is not currently dating.Hwang Hyunjin Dating

Hwang Hyujin’s Recent Allegations

Allegations of bullying and verbal abuse were denied by JYP Entertainment, the management company for Hwang Hyunjin. Since more schoolmates have come out with similar stories, bullying has risen in the limelight. International idol Hyujin is one of many that experience this problem too.

Following a series of accusations in May, JYP Entertainment conducted an investigation that involved interviewing the accusers as well as all of Hyunjin’s classmates. The accusations were found to be true and following this, Hyunjin met with his accuser to apologize. Following the apology, JYP Entertainment stated Hyujin had been suspended. He will be taking time off as a celebrity to self-reflect and to give himself solitude.

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