Who Am I Storyline

What Is The Starting Storyline And Ending Of Who Am I?


A hacker has a life outside of their career. Just because someone is a coder doesn’t mean that they put all their time into coding projects or hacking something out.

Who Am I is a German techno-thriller, a technological film based on the story of a hacker involved in the mystery of a murder. The movie doesn’t explicitly show whether or not he’s actually guilty, but it does seem like he was trying to save himself from that claim.

The Who Am I’s focus is not on the killer, but instead on the victim. The film starts with an honest account of kidnapping and murder in which the hacker from Berlin gets involved. From there, it becomes difficult to follow because of all the codes being discussed. But, after watching the film, you would wonder what Benjamin thought was correct or not.

Who Am I Storyline

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Benjamin Engel was falsely accused of a murder he didn’t commit and the Head of Europol’s Cyber Security department is still investigating. Look at this plot preview and the ending of who am i.

However, he feels like a superhero sometimes as he has lost everything in his life. He talks about the internet and how it makes him feel like a loser. But when he meets MRX on the darknet, things change for Benjamin.

The story follows a sophomore at the college and how he falls in love with a girl, helps her by copying papers from servers of college to help her graduate, and eventually gets caught. Though he is left with some minor social work and there when he is into community work, MRX becomes a good coding friend.

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Who Am I- Ending Explained

Hanne notices a wound on Benjamin’s palm and decides to find out if her friends are responsible for it. When the doctor says he has never seen any wounds like these, she suspects his injury could be self-inflicted, but still wants proof before telling anyone else. Overall, she starts to believe that Benjamin himself was CLAY and as she also sees the emotional side of Benjamin, who seemed to have broken down after the demise of his parents.

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