How to watch X-men movies?

How To Watch X-Men Movies in Order Chronologically?


 Even devoted X-Men fans may be confused about the movie timeline, with so many changes made over the years. Still, even if you are less versed in the comic book lore, these films are entertaining to watch with friends and family alike. These are the guidelines for watching each film in order.

How To  Watch X-Men Movies Sequence Wise?

One way to watch X-Men movies in chronological order is by release date. You get the full view of any changes made, and you can also track what’s happened, or been erased from existence, following certain life-changing events.How to watch X-men movies

X-Men movies By Release Date And Chronological Order:

To Watch The Movies In Order of Events:

X-Men: First Class, the first movie in this series, is set in 1962 and introduces Charles Xavier’s mutant team as they fight Sebastian Shaw who wants to start a nuclear war. Seeing an attack that left him paralyzed makes his mission clear from the beginning.

Despite being set in a dystopian future where Sentinels are hunting down mutants, X-Men: Days of Future Past is actually Wolverine’s travel back in time through the help of Kitty Pryde and he prevents Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask making her a villain. Wolverine succeeds in altering the course of his future, and all events that had been set in motion are now erased, similar to a clean slate.

In X-Men: Apocalypse, we find the first-ever mutant who has come to Earth and summons a team of his own, the Four Horsemen. They are tasked with destroying the earth as is to take its place. The X-Men assemble and join forces to stop him but when one of them unleashes what they have suppressed in, In addition, keep an eye out for the words “all is revealed,” that will send shivers down your spine.

Even when The Dark Phoenix is one of the last films released, Jean Grey’s powers grow to a point where they can take over and consume her.

The Wolverine comes next as it follows the events of X-Men: The Last Stand and he takes us to Japan. Deadpool enters the picture in a new story with his origins, scrapping the one from X-Men Origins: The Wolverine. His sequel comes after the last movie he was in and sets up for a more family-friendly tale. It also deals with other mutants at the Xavier mansion going against Cable.

The X-Men franchise has undergone many changes over the years. Their latest attempt to reboot this beloved series began in 2018, but due to production difficulties, a few of them will finish up their contracts with Marvel Studios and appear on ABC’s “The New Mutants.”

At last, there is Wolverine. It’s set far in the future and mutants as a race has disappeared in battle. X-man Xavier has also completely lost his powers which means that Logan must finish his work quickly. They encounter X23, Laura, whose powers are the same as Logan’s.

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