Where Is Casey Anthony Now? After the Death of Her Daughter Caylee!

After her daughter Caylee went missing in 2008, Casey Anthony became known across the country as the “Most Hated Woman in America.” People who watched the trial often wonder where Casey is now since she didn’t get a long prison sentence.

On Nov. 29, 2022, Peacock will show the first episode of a new documentary called Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies. Casey’s first interview in years was for this three-part series. What happened to Casey Anthony? Where Is Casey Anthony Now? Read on to find out what you should know.

What Happened In Casey Anthony’s Trial?

CNN says that Caylee Anthony was last seen on June 16, 2008, but her parents didn’t report her missing until July 15, 2008, when they found out that her car had been impounded and smelled something bad coming from it.

After Cindy lied to the police about where her daughter was when she called 911, Anthony was arrested the next day for child neglect, giving false statements, and obstructing an investigation. Law enforcement looked for the missing child for five months. On December 11, 2008, Caylee’s bones were found in a wooded area near the Anthonys’ home in Orlando.

CNN said that in October 2008, two months before the trial, a grand jury charged Anthony with capital murder after human remains were found in the trunk of her car. Anthony said he was innocent.

In May 2011, the trial started. The prosecution said that Anthony used chloroform and duct tape to suffocate and knock out her daughter and then put her body in the trunk of her car before getting rid of it. The defense said that Caylee drowned in the Anthonys’ pool and that Casey’s father, George, went into a panic and told Casey that they had to hide her death. Jose Baez, Anthony’s defense attorney, also said that George sexually abused Casey when she was a child. CNN says that George denied these claims.

Casey was found not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child on July 5, 2011. She was found guilty on four counts of giving false information to the police and sent to jail.

Where Is Casey Anthony Now?

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Casey filed the paperwork she needed to start her own private investigation business in South Florida in December 2020. People wondered if she wanted to reopen the investigation into Caylee’s death, but in 2021, a source told People that wasn’t the case. “That’s a part of her life that’s over,” the source said. “She won’t start a business to find out about Caylee.”

People say that her business, Case Research & Consulting Services, LLC, is registered to the home of Patrick McKenna, who is Casey’s lead investigator on her defense team. This home is in West Palm Beach. As a convicted felon in Florida, Casey won’t be able to get a license to be a private investigator, but sources say she “wants to help other wrongfully accused people.”

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