WhatsApp Is Working On Allowing Users To Send Higher Quality Photos New Features

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One of the difficulties with WhatsApp is the compression they use for pictures and videos. Have you ever noticed that our phones take such excellent pictures when they are transferred by WhatsApp, quickly they misplace many details and sharpness that made them seem great in the first spot?

As we stated, this is due to compression, but it’s evident because WhatsApp probably requires picture files to pass through quicker.

Hence, there is some excellent information on that front. According to WABetaInfo, they have found symptoms in the tardiest WhatsApp beta that users could quickly be permitted to determine the quality of the pictures they send.

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If this seems familiar, before this, the newspaper had found proof proposing that related therapy would be getting to videos transferred over WhatsApp, so it doesn’t overwhelm that pictures are now taking a related update. Users will be capable of picking from Auto, Best Quality, or Data Saver frames.

Probably, Data Saver would transfer pictures related to how WhatsApp manages pictures right now. Hence, Best Quality is a little enigmatic because we’re hesitant if it involves less compression or if images will be transferred in their innovative form. Still, unless way, it’s something that users can watch ahead to in the future.

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