What Is the Name of The Kingdom In Tangled? Meaning Explained!

Why Kingdom in Tangled Is Called Corona?

Nearly 13 years ago, Disney released the animated movie Tangled. During the time of release, many people felt like they were Rapunzels in their own way, trapped at home with nowhere to go because it was not safe outside.

Some have even gone as far as to say the Tangled predicted our situation with COVID, but we were lightheartedly unaware of it when we first watched it.

What if the Kingdom in Tangled was called Corona and people cared about it? Heightening and increasing discord at every turn, waiting for a plot twist where Rapunzel is free to go back home. This is a Tangled world we are living in!

Trapped in a tower for 18 years, people got inspired by Rapunzel with her song When will my life begin? as its lyrics perfectly fit the scenario of everyone at home while waiting for the coronavirus curve to flatten.

With this, Rapunzel was hailed as the queen of quarantine for having endured being away from everyone for so long while here we are, only a few months of lockdown and we can’t even wait to go outside and meet people beyond the screen.What Is the Name of the Kingdom in Tangled

Just a year ago, Disney is reportedly making a live-action film for Tangled and that was announced only 30 days before the start of the pandemic. With people now trained to become their very own version of Rapunzel, it would be more relatable to have a Tangled live-action film now, because we all know how Rapunzel felt trapped in her own house.

With streaming services at their disposal, people found ways to entertain themselves in the place where they live. New hobbies also emerged as a way for individuals to keep their lives going and busy despite not being able to leave during the pandemic.

Health officials are reminding the public to remain home, wash their hands properly, and practice social distancing as Corona has not yet run its course.

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