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What Happened To Bert Kreischer? What Was The Purpose Of His Surgery?

Yesterday, comedian Bert Kreischer posted a picture of himself flexing his arms and asked his fans which one they thought he had surgery on. Some people want to know why Bert Kreischer had surgery after reading the post.

Interest Sparked By Bert Kreischer’s Surgery Post

Bert Kreischer put up a picture of himself flexing his arms on both Twitter and Instagram yesterday, August 21. The picture showed that one arm was much bigger than the other.

He made a joke in the post’s caption, which was seen by his 1.7 million followers: “Guess which arm I had surgery on? Fans responded quickly to the comic’s post, and some of them noticed that the background of the door around his left arm was crooked.

One person wrote on Instagram, “Looks like that door frame had surgery, too,” and another said, “Haters are going to say it’s fake.”

Why Did Bert Kreischer Get Surgery?

Some people want to know why Bert Kreischer had surgery on his arm after seeing his recent post on social media. In an episode of his podcast with fellow comedian Tom Segura, 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Bert Kreischer talked about why he had surgery.

In episode 92 of the podcast, which came out on August 2, Kreischer said that he had hurt his left arm in a fall and needed surgery on it. “I can’t say too much, but I fell,” he said. I tripped while I was in a movie.

“I was doing all of my own actions and I fell and tweaked my elbow. I thought it was fine, so I went on with my life as if it were fine. I thought it was healed.

“Then one day, I did more damage. I heard three pops, and 59% of the tendons that connect my tricep to my left elbow were torn. Kreischer had surgery on his arm at the end of last month (July 29), and he posted a picture of himself on Instagram while wearing his surgical robes.

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