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Strengthens Deployment In Syria Amidst Tension With Russia -
US Army in Syria
Source: The New York Times
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US Military Strengthens Deployment In Syria Amidst Tension With Russia

US Army
Source: The Guardian

The US Army announces on Friday that it will step up its military deployment, both troops and equipment, in northeastern Syria.

And this announcement has given rise to more tensions with Russia in the region.

Captain Bill Urban said in a statement that the United States Central Command (Centcom) “has deployed Sentinel radar, increased the frequency of US fighter patrols over US forces, and deployed Bradley Fighting Vehicles to augment US forces” in the area.

A United States official reveals that the number of armoured vehicles that are sent as reinforcement is not more than six.

Also, less than a 100 people have gone there to manoeuvre them.

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Details On The Move Of The US Army

US Syria
Source: The National
America does not seek any sort of conflict with any other nation in Syria. But it will defend Coalition forces when and
if necessary.

The anonymous US official, however, says that this move is a clear signal addressing Russia to adhere to mutual de-confliction processes.

It is also to ensure that Russia and other parties avoid all kinds of unprofessional, unsafe and provocative actions in northeast Syria.

Last October, President Donald Trump did take out the United States Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

Trump had previously tried in early 2019 to recall all United States troops from Syria. He later agrees to leave a few hundred troopers in order to protect oil wells.

In recent weeks, several incidents have set US military against Russian forces. They are now deployed along the Turkish border after reaching an agreement with Ankara.

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