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fgk, bv1, zk, xa0, w, g, 2t, pz, 0j, du, 8, m, cjn, q, s3, dw, 91u, a5, va, a9, sv, e, h, oz, 37, tj, 2zj, hq, 4o2, ozs, Coronavirus: German Football Clubs Organised A Socially Distanced Match And Closed With A Score of 37-0 - The Tech Education
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Coronavirus: German Football Clubs Organised A Socially Distanced Match And Closed With A Score of 37-0

Germany never fails to create bizarre news. All possible coronavirus measures were taken for the football match that took place on Sunday. The closing score 37-0 left the losing team in great despair. German amateur side SG Ripdorf went down 37-0 while maintaining social distancing norms. Social Distancing was mandatory because SV Holdenstedt II came in contact with a positive coronavirus patient.

Only seven players allowed to the field who socially distanced throughout the game.

The whole team tested negative, but it was clear that the conditions were unsafe.

Source: The Indian Express
If Ripdorf refused to play, they would have faced a €200 (£182) fine.
They asked for a postponement of the match – in the 11th tier of German football – but the local association denied.
Ripdorf players felt unsafe as at the time of the game 14 days had not yet passed since Holdenstedt players came into contact with the infected person.

Holdenstedt’s first team fielded their second team, and they did not play in the match because of this coronavirus issue.

At the starting of the match, one of Ripdorf’s players walked onto the pitch, passed the ball to an opponent and the team then went to the sidelines.
Source: WebMD
Ripdorf co-chairman Patrick Ristow had a chat with ESPN telling them that he was not willing to risk anything.”
He added that his players observed the social distancing rules and did not go into direct duels. He informed that they kept two metres distance between Holdenstedt players and themselves.”
Holdenstedt rejected to hold back. The scored a goal every two or three minutes.
“There was no reason not to play this game,” Holdenstedt coach Florian Schierwater said.


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