Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene Latest News

Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene Latest News

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Twitter banned Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene again on Monday evening after sharing news regarding Corona Virus that broke the company’s misinformation rules. 

In a string of tweets on Sunday and Monday, Greene gave “misleading” news regarding COVID-19 and vaccines, Twitter stated. 

Greene declared COVID-19 is not serious for people who are not overweight or above 65 and stating vaccines must not be needed. The Georgia Republican, who has earlier matched mask orders to the Holocaust, was barred from her account for 12 hours.

Her account is available in a “read-only” state, a Twitter spokes guy said on Monday evening. If she gives Corona Virus misinformation, the considerably suitable congress lady could permanently beat off the social media platform. 

Moreover, some of Greene’s tweets presently proceed with a combined warning note stating, “This post is misleading. See why health executives suggest a vaccine for several people.” 

By Twitter’s Corona Virus misleading news rules, the company will take action on “inaccurate or misleading news regarding the prevalence of the infection, or chance of virus or death.”

Previously this year, Greene was prevented from Twitter for spreading voting scam conspiracy theories circling the Georgia Senate votes. 

Reason For Suspension Of Majorie Taylor Greene From Twitter

Twitter banned Greene’s account because Majorie spreads COVID-19 misinformation. In answer to the most up-to-date ban, Greene announced throughout a Facebook Live on Monday midnight that “right of speech is under siege in America like never ahead,” continuing that Republicans are “encountering being deleted each particular day.”  

President Biden has urged social media firms to take more significant responsibility in fighting vaccine misinformation in the preceding week, as the Delta modification spreads quickly beyond the U.S. 

On Friday, he told platforms like Facebook are “hitting people” by providing such misinformation to reach quickly, stating that “the single epidemic we have is between the unvaccinated.”

He nextly interpreted those remarks this week, giving his answer. 

“Facebook isn’t hitting people. These 12 people are passed there providing misinformation,” Mr. Biden responded, possibly leading to a statement that ended 12 people are following the bulk of all COVID-19 misinformation. 

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“Anyone hearing to it is becoming injured by it. It’s hitting people. It’s shocking news. I believe that Facebook, alternatively using it personally, says Facebook is destroying people, would do something regarding the misinformation. 

The gross misinformation regarding the vaccine. That’s what I expected.” 


Twitter bans Greene’s account twice this year. Stay tuned with us for such latest news and info!


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