The Rising Of The Shield Hero
The Rising Of The Shield Hero

The Rising Of The Shield Hero: Season 2 Officially Renewed, What To Expect Next? And Updates

The reason why animes have a mass following from around the world is due to their unique themes. The scenes they portray are not possible in real-life action movies. The series which is making a mark in the hearts of the fans is The Rising Of The Shield Hero.

Fans can’t wait to see their favourite show return on-screen again. Season 1 garnered a number of fans around the world due to its enticing storylines and high detailed graphics. Moreover, the show is still trending since its release. The creators adapted the show from the novel of the same name and revolves around genres of romance and dark fantasy. Takao Abo is the director of the show. Season 1 saw its release on 9 January 2019 with a total number of 25 episodes. Kinema Citrus is the producer of the series.

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Rising Of The Shield Hero Release Date

Junichiro Tamura was very excited beyond expectations due to the massive recognition of the series. The marketing producer expressed his gratefulness towards the fans and how they made the series possible to continue for two more seasons.

However, currently, there is no confirmation regarding the release date. Fans may expect to see its release in October 2020 or January 2021, according to some reports. The creators of the show as well as the producers are not giving any encouraging signs about renewing the show. The show’s viewership numbers were falling towards the end of the previous season and that never inspires confidence in networks. Thus, it is highly likely that the show does not return for another season again.

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Crunchyroll's The Rising Of The Shield Hero Anime Attacked by ...

Rising Of The Shield Hero Plot For Season 2.

Season 1 begins with the mighty inter-dimensional monsters taking their reign on the kingdom of Melromac. Four superheroes from the parallel universe come to battle against these creatures. In view of the monsters capturing the place, it is up to the dominant heroes to save the earth.

These characters are equipped with the most powerful weapons like swords, spear, bow, and shield. With these weapons, they have to defend against the monsters. We all see the princess of Melromac betraying Naofomi under false allegations. Poor Naofomi is left with all his belongings strapped from the rulers of the kingdom. Fans can expect to see Naofomi and his foam protecting the country from the monsters.

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