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The Political Clash Between Senator Ed. Markey And Rep. Joe Kennedy III Has Become A Tale Full Of Turns And Twists.

The clash between Ed. Markey and Joe Kennedy III in the Massachusetts Democratic Senate Party polls.

The Clash Between Markey And Joe Kennedy III

The are one of the most powerful political figures in Massachusetts. And both of them are contesting against each other in the Democratic Senate Primary.

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Markey has been a powerful leader. And has been a part of the Congressional delegation for a long time. Also this 74 year old leader has had a long history of environmental advocacy. But talking about Kennedy he belongs from the family of John F. Kennedy.

And this young leader is quite envisioned with new strategies in his party. As he has raised issues like the ongoing pandemic, racism and other issues. Moreover he has been in the House since 2013.

And as a responsible social citizen had postponed his campaign during the virus outbreak. But in the recent poll result Markey is leading Kennedy by a small number of votes.

Personal Attacks

This political race became a bit personal when Kennedy’s family background was brought to the scene by Markey. As his family connections with former President John F. Kennedy was drawn my Markey.

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This made this political clash take an ugly turn. There are allegations that Joe is making use of his family connection. And using the anti-racism movement to gain votes.

Thus taking this political clash to a personal level. But Kennedy seems to be adamant and continues his campaign against racism. Moreover he has also talked about the harassment he and his family are facing online due to Markey’s illogical allegations. Hence this political rivalry is taking an ugly turn.

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Although in the last three polls Markey is leading. But within a few weeks we will come to know that who actually gets selected by the citizens.

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