The OA Season 3: Mystery Drama, Next Season On The Table? Who Will Star In The Next Season?

There are very few really good science fiction shows. Fans of the OA find it to be one of those good shows. The OA first came to Netflix in December of 2016. The show immediately gathered a large fan following. Netflix gave fans a Season 2 of the show in 2019.

The show follows Prairie Johnson. Johnson reappears after being missing for over 7 years. Before disappearing she was blind, but she can see now. She calls herself the “OA” now. The OA stands for “The Original Angel”.

The OA does not tell the FBI and her parents where she was in the seven years. She only tells this to a group of five people from the local school, and the story follows from there. The show also shows flashbacks of her time when she was missing.

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The OA Next Season On The Table?

The show has a great rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Part I has a score of 77%. Fans loved Part II even more than Part I. It got a score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is why fans want a Season 3 of the show.

Unfortunately, for those fans, Netflix is not bringing back a Season 3 of the show. This is despite the excellent ratings of the show. Moreover, Brit Marling, the lead actor, creator, and producer of the show, spoke about the cancellation with her fans on Instagram. She spoke about her regret for the cancellation of the show and thanked fans.

Among all the reasons for the cancelation of another season is the production cost. The cost of producing the year The OA was so massive that the streaming spouse Netflix decided to not produce the show further. Interestingly, some enthusiasts who were disappointed with the cancellation of The OA series post-season two, started #Savethe OA a campaign, along with #Renew The OA and went ahead


If the show would have come back, fans would have seen Brit Marling and Jason Isaacs return as the leads, this time playing themselves. But the show is not returning for another. Therefore, there is no cast for a Season 3.

Brit Marling has spoken about how she would love to bring the show back. Shows getting renewed after cancellation is not uncommon. The OA has strong ratings. Thus, it is entirely possible that Netflix or some other network might pick up the show for Season 3.

For now, fans can watch reruns of the first two seasons of the show on the Netflix streaming service, and enjoy how good those two seasons were.

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