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Fantastic Beasts

Fantastic Beasts 3: Harry Potter! Fuss About Crossover?Might get to See Voldemort Eventually As He Was Born

Fantastic Beasts, another collection of movies from the mystical world. Fantastic Beasts has given answers to a lot of questions that arose in our minds after the events of Harry Potter, or better to say when we were added to the magical world. The collection sure doest have a whole lot of reference to the Harry Potter films. In the second one part, Dumbledore being himself. Soon we’re going to have the third installment of the 5 movie series. Let us test the rumors going around about it.

Well, currently the internet became flooded with the rumors of a crossover between the Fantastic Beasts movie and the Potter movies. Well, technically it’s now not feasible as both the occasions are set in distinctive timelines.

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What The Fuss About The Crossover?

However, there can be references to it. In the second part of Fantastic beasts, we were given to see Dumbledore himself. It is a clear connection with the potter world. Moreover, inside the first film whilst Newd’s bag is checked at the airport, we see a Hufflepuff’s muffler. It is likewise a reference to Hogwarts. Later in that movie, we hear a name, Lestrange, it has to be related to Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter film.

Many speculate that the next film is going to have extra of those references. Well, it would be wrong to disclaim that. Since the world of the two films is identical so we can expect to peer lots more in common. However, it’s far less likely to be converted into a crossover between the two.

The upcoming five movies are going to be set within the years from 1920 to 1970 within the wizarding world, so having a crossover with Harry Potter is less possible to happen. However, we might get to look Voldemort eventually as he was born around the identical time. However, he won’t be that powerful at this time.

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