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3, j1r, bq, c, isv, The Heart FM Broadcaster Amanda Holden Posts A Slo-Mo Video, As She Carries A Yellow Halter Neck Dress Gracefully - The Tech Education
Amanda Holden
Source: Instagram
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The Heart FM Broadcaster Amanda Holden Posts A Slo-Mo Video, As She Carries A Yellow Halter Neck Dress Gracefully

Amanda Holden really has a jaw dropping fashion sense. And even this time she has managed to stun us with her absolutely gorgeous look.

Amanda Holden Posts A Stunning Instagram Video

The media personality recently posted a slo mo video on Instagram from her workplace. And that is from the Global Studio where she currently hosts a program for the Heart FM.

Amanda Holden
Source: Daily Mail

Apart from a slow motion video, Holden also posted a series of pictures where she looked absolutely stunning in a yellow dress. And we are really gushing over her overall look.

She Looks Undoubtedly Glamorous In The Yellow Dress

The 49 year old radio host has an irresistible sense of style and always manages to dress in eye catching attires. Even this time she didn’t fail to mesmerize us with her graceful midi dress in yellow.

Amanda Holden
Source: Daily Mail

Her yellow halter neck dress complimented her well maintained physic. And the asymmetrical design of her dress really added to the elegance of it. Holden decided to leave her hairs wide open as she flicked her hair in the 15 seconds Instagram¬† slo-mo video. Moreover Holden’s makeup was totally on point as she flaunted her well contoured facial features.

The media personality who is gearing up to prepare for her next venture as the head judge of Britain’s Got Talent has her fashion game really strong.

And we must agree that the attires she chooses goes really well with her overall personality. Even a day before donning this yellow dress, the stunner was spotted in another halter neck green silk dress which really grabbed our eyeballs.

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We can’t wait to see her back on the screens with the upcoming season of Britain’s Got Talent.

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